Friday, June 9, 2017

Outfits of the Week: June 5-9

Another crazy week!  It's already getting late today and I've got another busy day tomorrow so let's break down the outfits so I can get some much needed sleep.

This day I took off from work to clean and paint before the realtors came the next day.  This is what I wore when I had to run out to Lowe's for more paint.  Throw on some clothes, throw the hair in a ponytail and run out the door!

black boyfriend tee - JC Penney's
denim capris - Kohl's
black grasshopper boat shoes - Amazon

This day I had several meetings one after the other.  It was raining cats and dogs so I took advantage of cropped pants to keep the bottoms of my pants from getting all wet.

mustard fox blouse - Papaya
navy cardigan - Kohl's
brown belt - Beall's Outlet
olive cropped chinos - Walmart
brown buckle flats - Rack Room Shoes

More rain this day.  Going with a skirt keeps my legs dry and these flats are really good at repelling the water.

black and white blouse - Kohl's
black open front blazer - Charlotte Russe
black skinny belt - Beall's Outlet
red skirt - Kohl's
black captoe pointed toe flats - Payless

This day we were scheduled to have our standardized test scores released and I knew I'd be sitting at the computer for hours populating spreadsheets of data so I just wanted something comfortable.  Also, more rain.  Ugh.

cobalt blouse - Kohl's
white cardigan - Kohl's
black and white polka dot skinny belt - Walmart
boulder gray chinos - Amazon
black captoe pointed toe flats - Payless

On Friday, I had to pack up my office and move everything so I wanted sensible shoes that wouldn't cause me to file a workman's comp claim.  And comfortable clothes to easily move.  Most of the time I wore this without the cardigan because it was so hot but I got all of my stuff out of my old office and into the new office.  Unpacking will have to wait for another day, as someone is living in my new office until next week.

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