Sunday, April 30, 2017

Weekly Goal Update: April 23 - 29

April 23 - 29
I'm happy to say this was a good week in life for me, though not the best week for my weight!  I'm determined to get back on track for the coming week so let's take a closer look at where I went wrong and what changes I plan on making.

1. Make healthier food choices.
🚫  This week wasn't the best for eating healthy.  I did just fine at breakfast and lunch but our evenings were so busy that dinner was the downfall.  Too much frozen pizza and tacos!  I really need to make an effort to get back on track for next week and that's going to mean getting hubby on board for cooking healthy dinners.  Although I don't think it will take much convincing for him... he gained weight this week too!  😆

2. Exercise five days a week for thirty minutes (or a total of 150 minutes per week, 2.5 hours).
✅  This week's exercise was mostly a combination of walking and jogging on the treadmill and some walks around town.  I was working at our central office most of this week and two days during our lunch hour, one of my coworkers and I walked down to the corner store.  It's not a long walk but just enough to clear your head of work for awhile, buy a diet coke, water, gum or whatever, and then walk back and still have plenty of time to eat lunch.  It gives us some exercise while saving us money and calories on going out to lunch.  I'll be at the central office more for the next couple of weeks so I'm going to try to make it a habit to do that at least a few times a week until it gets too hot.

Sunday: 2 sessions of 20 minutes on the treadmill
Monday: 40 minute walk
Tuesday: 20 minute jog on the treadmill
Wednesday: 20 minute walk (to & from the corner store)
Thursday: 40 minutes on the treadmill
Friday: 22 minute walk (to & from the corner store); 12 minute walk
Saturday: --

Total time:  3 hours, 14 minutes

3. Get 10,000 steps six days a week.

✅  I met and and surpassed this goal with 10,000 steps seven days this week.  That's becoming a trend for me!  I'm really proud of the fact that I got over 13,000 steps two days this week as well.  Aww yeahh!

4. Go to sleep earlier.
✅  Goal: Weeknights between 9:00PM and 9:30PM
My actual average bed time for weeknights was 9:28:42PM.  I was again trying really hard to go to sleep earlier this week.  Success for the weeknights!

🚫  Goal: Weekends between 10:00PM and 10:30PM
My actual average bed time for weekends was 11:06:56PM.  I went to bed on time Friday night but Saturday ended up being a super busy day, shown by the fact that I got 12,000 steps without exercising or even leaving the house!  We did six loads of laundry on Saturday, including three loads of quilts, sheets, and other bedding.  But the quilts took forever to dry so we were staying awake waiting for the last load to finish drying before we went to bed.  We finally just had to take the quilt out and hang it up to finish drying because we were so tired and the dryer is so loud that I can't sleep with it on.

5. Leave some wiggle room.
✅  I did better in this category than I did the previous week.  I swapped out my night time frozen yogurt with fresh fruit this week.  Watermelon and grapes did a good job of satisfying my sweet tooth without so many extra calories.  I drank a lot of diet soda but that's just adding extra sodium and not any extra calories.  What did add in extra calories was the breakfast I had at IHOP on Wednesday.  We took our secretary out for Administrative Professional's Day but I tried to keep it a little lighter by swapping out for egg whites, turkey bacon, and whole wheat toast but I just couldn't give up that high calorie hash brown!  I also had a delicious chocolate chip cookie one day when my blood sugar was low.

6. Progress towards goal?
🚫  This week, I gained 0.8 pounds.  Holy cow.  I really think it was the massive amount of pizza and tacos I ate this week.  🍕 🌮  Next week I'll be focusing on eating healthier dinners that are lower in sodium!  But the whole reason I've continued doing my Weekly Goal Updates after meeting my weight goal was so that I would continue to hold myself accountable and be able to keep the weight off.  I don't want to slip back into bad habits.

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