Sunday, April 9, 2017

Weekly Goal Update: April 2 - 8

April 2 - 8

Fourteen weeks of 2017 are over!  This week was just fine but very busy!  I'm looking forward to a long weekend this coming week to catch up on some stuff at home that ended up being neglected last week.

1. Make healthier food choices.
✅  So I'm going to give myself a check for this goal this week, even though I know it wasn't my strongest week.  I ate a lot of tacos and pizza this week!  It was just a busy week where I went out to eat a lot.  I tried to make fairly healthy choices and at least balance out what I was eating.  Pizza days had a side salad and tacos are actually pretty low on calories compared to things like quesadillas, burritos, and nachos.

2. Exercise five days a week for thirty minutes (or a total of 150 minutes per week, 2.5 hours).
✅  I didn't really do a lot of what I would call dedicated exercise but I was so busy that I was doing a lot of walking during my normal daily activities.  It still adds up though!

Sunday: 13 minute indoor walk
Monday: 46 minute indoor walk
Tuesday: 46 minute indoor walk
Wednesday: 62 minute indoor walk
Thursday: 33 minute outdoor walk
Friday: 17 minute outdoor walk

Saturday: 18 minute outdoor walk

Total time: 3 hours, 55 minutes

3. Get 10,000 steps six days a week.
✅  This one was easy!  I got 10,000 steps seven days this week.  On the weekends, I really have to make an effort to get in those steps.  Hubby and I have started scouring Craig's List and our local thrift stores for a treadmill but no real leads yet.  Boy, would that make it easier to get steps in on days I don't work!

4. Go to sleep earlier.
✅  Goal: Weeknights between 9:00PM and 9:30PM
My actual average bed time for weeknights was 9:23:59PM.  What do you know?  Going to bed earlier this week meant I wasn't as tired all week at work!  Why is going to bed the hardest goal I've set for myself?  Anyone else struggle with this?

✅  Goal: Weekends between 10:00PM and 10:30PM
My actual average bed time for weekends was 10:30:39PM.  Again, I had to force myself to put the cell phone down and go to bed but it's amazing how much better I feel when I'm not always tired.

5. Leave some wiggle room.
✅  This week's wiggle room included chai tea lattes (which are really just tea with a bit of full calorie cinnamon coffee creamer), low fat frozen yogurt with fruit and nuts, a Diet Pepsi and baked chips with lunch one day, and lots of pizza!  Pizza is the best!  🍕

6. Progress towards goal?
✅  This week, I lost 0.4 pounds and am at 10.2 pounds total.  I'm not really trying to lose any more weight but I want to stay right around the 10 pound weight loss that I've made.  So I'm currently just in maintenance mode, which is so much easier to do than actively trying to lose weight!  I'm continuing these posts because it's making me hold myself accountable and I'm contributing that to my ability to maintain my weight loss.

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