Friday, April 21, 2017

Outfits of the Week: April 17 - 21

TGIF!  I'm so happy to be starting my weekend.  This week was stressful and emotional and I'm ready to change gears for a couple of days of some much needed rest and relaxation.  Is it weird that I'm looking forward to getting on the treadmill this evening and just clearing my head while I pound out some steps?  I don't normally look forward to exercise but today I just am looking forward to focusing on the movement.

Don’t I look so perky and ready to go back to work after a long weekend in these photos?  😆  And these were the best ones!  Most of the outfit photos I took this day just looked like I was straight up scowling at the camera.  It’s not that I don’t like my job… I just really like sleeping in past 5AM!  Anyway, this outfit got me through a day where I was going to be in front of school leaders for a training so I wanted to look extra professional.  Luckily, I was more of a background support than the actual person giving the presentation but I felt dressed for whatever needed to be done.

white striped cuff blazer - Papaya
black floral tie neck blouse - Papaya
black madden girl belt - Beall’s Outlet
light fawn essential chinos - Amazon
black cap toe pointed toe flats - Payless

I absolutely loved this outfit! It's simple but I felt so chic in it and I liked wearing these chili red pants with something other than dark colors.  I was sad that I forgot to wear the necklace that I had planned with this outfit but I still think it looks great.  This was my favorite outfit of the week and I'm so pleased that this ensemble looked as good in real life as it did in my head.

short sleeve chambray button down - Kohl's (sleeves shortened by me)
white draped open front blazer - Papaya
cognac belt - Cato
chili red pants - JC Penney
cognac pointed toe flats - Beall's Outlet

Not my usual weekday wear, right? That's because this day I was helping to pack boxes in our dirty warehouse. So fun! 😆  But it was functional for the work I was doing that day and gave me more appreciation for my regular work wear. 

black T-shirt - free from work
olive cargo pants - Beall's Outlet
black on black Keds - Amazon

I have to say, I just love this Auliné Collection blazer from Amazon. This brand is my favorite from Amazon and I get so many compliments when I wear them! It's the same brand as the pink one I was wearing in this post. I'm hoping to post a review in the next couple of days on the three different brands of blazers I've tried from Amazon. 

navy floral blouse - Papaya
olive blazer - Amazon
brown buckle belt - Beall's Outlet
walnut essential chinos - Amazon 

brown buckle flats - Rack Room Shoes

Today was Purple Up Day for our school district and so of course I busted out the one purple top that I have for the occasion, which worked out well since I haven't worn it since February.  I accessorized with my favorite deathly hallows necklace, my black bead medic alert bracelet (type I diabetes), and my Fitbit Alta with a black band.  I always wear my Alta, a simple pair of real diamond stud earrings, and my medic alert bracelet so I never really mention them but in case you ever wondered, now you know.  I have a couple of different Alta bands that I switch between and also different beaded bracelets that clip to the medic alert connector that I also alternate.

purple shell - JC Penney
black open front blazer - Charlotte Russe
black madden girl belt - Beall's Outlet
boulder grey essential chinos - Amazon
black cap toe pointed toe flats - Payless

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