Sunday, March 12, 2017

Weekly Goal Update: Mar 5 - 11

March 5 - 11

Ten weeks of 2017 done!  I was so happy for this past week to be over with already!  It was a long week at work and it was a long week at home.  This week coming will not be better.  ☹️  I'm just trying to slog through the next few weeks.  The plus side is that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Hubby will be on Spring Break the week of the 19th so my personal life will lighten up with him around to help out more.  And his lacrosse coaching finishes up with the month of March so I won't be doing everything at home by myself.  Things can get back to my normal at home at least.  Pep talking myself into continuing to be an adult is getting harder so I'm looking forward to life getting easier.

1. Make healthier food choices.
✅  For the most part, eating healthy has become a part of my daily life.  I try to go out to eat less and when I do go out to eat, I try to make healthy choices.  It really does help to have some quick to make dinner options that are still healthy.  And according to these photos, I eat a lot of carrots!  🥕

2. Exercise five days a week for thirty minutes (or a total of 150 minutes per week, 2.5 hours).

✅  This week I really struggled with having the mental energy after work to set aside 30 minutes to devote to exercise at a time.  Instead, I found it much easier to break exercise into smaller chunks of five or ten minutes and spread it out throughout the evening.  So every thirty minutes or so I would get up and try to get 500 to 1,000 steps just by walking in place.  That made it more manageable in my head and helped me to keep going instead of just giving up on exercise completely.  Probably not ideal but better than nothing!  Though in hindsight, what I should be doing when stressed is more yoga, as that truly helps calm me and reduce my stress.

Sunday: 35 minute indoor walk
Monday: 20 minute indoor walk
Tuesday: 32 minute indoor walk
Wednesday: 38 minute indoor walk
Thursday: 26 minute indoor walk
Friday: 20 minute indoor walk
Saturday: 25 minute indoor walk

Total time: 3 hours, 16 minutes

3. Get 10,000 steps six days a week.
✅  Breaking up that exercise into smaller chunks really helped me to be able to get to 10,000 steps seven days this week.  I think that might have to be my strategy for the next few weeks as I deal with more stress.  I've noticed that when my life is mentally taxing, I just have a tendency to want to give up on my goals completely.  I guess it's my brain going into survival mode/poor pitiful me mode but I really need to do whatever I can to control it.  #nomorepityparties

4. Go to sleep earlier.
✅  Goal: Weeknights between 9:00PM and 9:30PM
My actual average bed time for weeknights was 9:19:39PM.  I had no trouble making my sleep goals this week, as I was more than happy to end each day as early as possible.  😆 

✅  Goal: Weekends between 10:00PM and 10:30PM
My actual average bed time for weekends was 10:30:06PM.  Going to bed exactly at 10:30 Friday and Saturday night still counts as making my goal!  I really wanted to not stay up too late this weekend with the stupid time change happening.  It will already be hard enough trying to fall asleep an hour earlier each night.  #daylightsavingtimesucks

5. Leave some wiggle room.
✅  This is definitely where I stumbled this week.  I only had frozen yogurt two times but I had three homemade chai tea lattes (with this stuff, so good but not so good for you), some delicious chocolates that a friend brought back from her trip to Hawaii, and French Fries.  I really tried to be good when we went out to lunch that day and ordered the lunch special of what I thought was a side salad and half a sandwich on whole grain bread.  I did not realize it also came with a side of fries and that the sandwich was slathered in butter.  I eat the salad and sandwich but contained myself to eating only half the fries.  But I have poor self control and could only make myself stop eating the fries by covering them with my napkin.  Out of sight, out of mind!

6. Progress towards goal?
🚫  Last week I had mentioned that while I hit my goal weight on Saturday, I expected to bounce around a bit.  I need to really stay focused on my goals though so that I can stay where I want to be on the scale.  I'm currently up 0.4 pounds from last week and have lost a total of 9.6 pounds.  I really don't want to gain back all the weight I lost so next week I need to be a little more controlled in what I eat.  Hopefully the one good thing about Daylight Saving Time is that I will have daylight to go for a walk after dinner instead of trying to squeeze it in on my lunch break or before I eat.  And food always wins out over exercise in my life.

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