Sunday, March 19, 2017

Weekly Goal Update: Mar 12 - 18

March 12 - 18

Eleven weeks down!  This one was busy but I knew that it would be.  I'm super glad it's over!  This coming week may be just as busy but it will be fun busy and less work/obligations busy!  Our school district is on Spring Break, which means little to us twelve month employees who don't get that time off.  It's just slower paced.  However, our Superintendent kindly gave us Thursday and Friday off!  Thursday, I'll be doing a day trip with my lovely friend M for some serious shopping!  It will be an early morning, a late evening, and a busy but incredibly fun day of shop 'til you drop action!  Here's to hoping I find some good stuff to post as a work clothes haul here on the blog.  Enough talk about this coming week.  Let's look back at what happened last week.

1. Make healthier food choices.
✅  I feel like I do pretty well with eating healthy at meals.  I've stopped eating the way I used to (All the deep fried things!  All the carbs!) and really started eating a lot more like an adult should. 

2. Exercise five days a week for thirty minutes (or a total of 150 minutes per week, 2.5 hours).

✅  I knew this week in my personal life was going to be busy so I made a point to walk during my lunch break almost every day at work and to get up off the couch more on the weekends and walk around the house.

Sunday: 50 minute indoor walk
Monday: 15 minute indoor walk
Tuesday: 32 minute indoor walk
Wednesday: 30 minute indoor walk
Thursday: 38 minute indoor walk
Friday: --
Saturday: 40 minute indoor walk

Total time: 3 hours, 25 minutes

3. Get 10,000 steps six days a week.
✅  Met and surpassed this goal!  All those lunch time walk breaks helped!  And having a busy week after work meant I actually ended up averaging more than 10,000 steps a day which means I burned some extra calories too.  Don't worry, I made sure to consume extra calories to compensate.  😉

4. Go to sleep earlier.
🚫 Goal: Weeknights between 9:00PM and 9:30PM
My actual average bed time for weeknights was 9:48:32PM.  Womp womp!  This is the goal that I missed by a long shot, mostly because two nights this week hubby had extracurricular activities going on after his teaching day that kept us both up late.  Also, that whole incredibly stupid time change has my entire body's internal clock confused and annoyed.  Some nights I went to bed early but I just couldn't fall asleep!  My brain was convinced it was not bed time yet.  A restless week all around.

🚫  Goal: Weekends between 10:00PM and 10:30PM
My actual average bed time for weekends was 11:23:38PM.  A fun Saint Patrick's Day get together with friends on Friday night kept us out later that day.  Saturday I totally blame on the time change.  I went to sleep at the same "time" and woke up at the same "time" that I usually do on weekends... it's just that what the clock says is now different!  This will take some getting used to for sure.

5. Leave some wiggle room.
✅  Can you tell what happened here?  Lack of sleep left me desperately craving caffeine!!  I don't really feel too bad about it though.  Almond milk lattes don't have that many calories in them and they offer a serving of low fat dairy.  And while diet soda is caffeinated, it wasn't any additional calories.  Dessert added in a few calories but I felt like I had pretty good self control at the Saint Patrick's Day party when all the delicious treats were beckoning me but I restrained myself to just one mint Oreo truffle and just one cookie.  Pretty sure you'll be seeing more caffeine in next week's update as well though!

6. Progress towards goal?
🚫  I didn't lose any weight but I didn't gain any weight either!  I'm really less than a half pound from my goal weight so I'm not too concerned with what the scale is saying, as long as I'm not gaining.

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