Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Review: Smart Ash Tooth Whitener

Smart Ash Teeth Whitener + Detoxifier

Product Claims
According to the Smart Ash website, 
  • "Whitens Teeth
  • Cleans & Detoxifies
  • Reduces Sensitivity
  • Strengthens
  • Restores"

$30.00 for what the website says is a six month supply [link]

1. Made of natural ingredients

1. Incredibly messy 2. Does not leave teeth feeling clean

Would I buy it again or recommend it?
I know these products are really trending on Pinterest right now but to be honest, this is just not for me.  It's great that it's made of natural ingredients but to be honest, I much prefer my regular whitening toothpaste.  I didn't notice any amazing whitening with this.  As far as a toothpaste, my teeth still felt gross after using it and I had to follow it up with regular toothpaste.  And that's not even to mention the mess.  Oh my gosh, the mess.  Can a toothpaste be pigmented?  If so, this black toothpaste/whitener is incredibly pigmented.  Like it might make a great eyeliner but this fine black powder will get every where when you try to use it.  Additionally, when you try to clean it up it will smear everywhere.  Lastly, the black is difficult to get out of your teeth.  In conclusion, to me the entire experience of using this toothpaste is incredibly annoying.  I'll be sticking to my regular whitening toothpaste and my Crest Whitestrips when I need some whitening.

*This product came in my November 2016 BuddhiBox subscription, which I paid for with my own money.

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