Monday, March 27, 2017

Overnight Waves

I have been absolutely loving wearing my hair in waves lately.  That's because I figured out a way to get beautiful waves that last in my hair just by setting it overnight!  No heat required here!  And the total time it takes to do this hairstyle is less than five minutes for me.  That's right up this lazy girl's alley!  Now I'm here to show you how I get my naturally straight hair to have beautiful overnight waves that last.

First, let's start out with the items that are essential to this look.  First, you'll need a sea salt spray, which will give your hair some grip to hold in the style while you sleep, especially if your hair texture is naturally very fine, soft, and slippery like mine.  I like the Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray but I've tried others in the past that also worked.  You'll also need hairspray to set the style when you take it out and two elastics of some sort to hold the style in place while you sleep.  I really like the Invisibobble Nano because they hold the hair really well without leaving a dent or kink in the bottom that I have to then flat iron out.  But an elastic would work in a pinch as well.

1. While my hair is still damp, I like to add a few products.  This is totally optional but I have very fine, flat hair so I use a lot of products to bulk it up and add volume.  The first product is a mousse to add volume to the roots.  The second is a heat protectant to keep my hair from getting damaged when blow drying.  Also, occasionally when I style my hair like this, a few small pieces may not wave as well as the others and in the morning, I use a curling iron to quickly make them blend in with the rest of the hair.  If you don't like to use a lot of products, feel free to skip to the next step.

2. Makeup-less face!  You'll want to start off with clean, dry hair so I had just washed my hair for the night here.  You can air dry it (depending on your hair's natural texture) or blow dry it but it needs to be about 90% dry for this style.  You can see how naturally straight my hair is in this photo.

3. Separate your hair into two sections: left and right.  Then clip one side away.  You can use your hair elastic for this or a clip.

4. Starting with one side, spray the hair with the sea salt spray until it's about 80% dry.  Use your fingers to comb through and distribute the product.  Make sure to get the ends too so your nano or elastic will stay in the hair while you sleep and not slide off.

5. Now divide the hair in half again.  I separate a section in front of my ears and then behind my ears.  Try to make sure there is about the same amount of hair in each section.

6. Then twist your hair in each section going away from your face.  This will create the pretty waves you'll see the next morning so you'll want to be sure they go away from your face for the most flattering look.

7. This next part got really fun trying to photograph this with both of my hands occupied so I had to get my shutter remote to help me!  You twist the second section of hair away from your face as well.  I hold the front with one hand while I twist and hold the back section with the other.

8. Next, twist the two sections around each other going toward your face.  This will basically just help the twists stay together.  It is imperative that they go in the opposite direction that you twisted before or else they will just totally unravel.

9. Secure the end with your nano and this is what your little rope braid should look like.

10. Now repeat the process on the other half of your hair.  When you're finished, you should feel like you're eight years old again.  😆

11. I like to spray the outside of each rope braid with a little bit more sea salt spray, just to be sure it holds.  This time I avoid the section where the nano is so as not to make a visible dent in the hair there.  And now you're ready to go to sleep!

12. This is what my hair looks like the next morning.

13. Take the nanos out.  You'll still have four distinct twists.  Use your fingers to gently comb through them and shake the waves out.

14. And this is what it looks like when I first let it all out.  I usually finish getting ready and the waves will loosen a bit.  If there are any pieces that came loose from the rope braid without getting waved, then I'll quickly wrap just the middle of the hair around a one inch curling iron so it all blends in.  Some days I have to curl a couple of pieces and some days it's all good.

15. Finally, I add in some product.  I like to use the Not Your Mother's Double Take Dry Finish Texture Spray on my roots.  It just gives some volume to my flat fine hair, which is especially limp at the top.  I also like to use Bed Head TIGI After Party on my ends.  They're not in the best of shape right now and this makes them shiny and healthier looking.  These two steps are optional depending on your hair but I would definitely recommend not skipping the next step, which is to set the style with a flexible hold hairspray so it lasts all day but is still touchable.

16. And here's the final look!  I love how carefree and pretty these waves are!

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