Friday, March 10, 2017

Outfits of the Week, March 6 - 10

Another week of work, another week of work outfits!  I feel like lately I've gotten into a work style formula.  It's a combination of blouse, cardigan, cardigan clip, chinos, belt, flats.  And the blouse is always tucked in or else my legs look six inches long!  #shortpeopleproblems  

Monday I had a training to attend and I wanted to look put together and professional so I decided to go with this all neutral outfit.  I love it though!  The blouse has a cute tie neck detail as well as an adorable dragonfly-esque print (enlarge the photo to see what I mean).  In addition, I love this little compass cardigan clip!  I plan on doing a post very soon about all the cardigan clips I've made recently so you can really see the detail of it.

navy and beige blouse - Papaya [same]
white cardigan - Kohl's [similar]
brown and gold compass cardigan clip - made by me
brown buckle belt - Beall's Outlet [similar]
light fawn essential chinos - Amazon [same]
brown buckle flats - Rack Room Shoes [same but in black]

I just love the way the pants bring out the wine colored flowers in this shirt!  What a fantastic color pairing.  But now that I've lost weight, this belt is nine miles too long!  I had to punch an extra hole in it with a leather punch but the extra length of belt that goes beyond my beltloop is out of control.  I'll be on the hunt for some new belts soon, as all of my old ones are either too big or worn out.

blush floral blouse - Papaya [same, different color]
white "cami" - cami secret [same]
mocha cardigan - Papaya [similar]
mixed neutrals cardigan clip - made by me
cognac belt - Dress Barn [similar]
cabernet essential chinos - Amazon [same
pointed toe cognac shoes - Beall's Outlet [similar]

While I liked Wednesday's outfit, my hair was not cooperating!  I ended up changing it as soon as I got to work and my second hairdo attempt looked a lot better but at least the outfit was cute no matter what!

white and black contrast tie neck blouse - Papaya [same]
pink cardigan - Kohl's [similar]
black sparkle cardigan clip - made by me
black buckle belt - Bealls Outlet [similar]
black essential chinos - Amazon [same]
black pointed toe flats - Payless [same]

Funny story about this outfit: I had this outfit planned for awhile and my husband and I got dressed without seeing each other.  He came out wearing grey pants and a black dress shirt.  I tried to get him to wear a red tie but he wasn't having any of matching me.  Boo!  We would have been the cutest.  ❤️

black tie neck blouse - Kohl's [similar]
red cardigan - Kohl's [similar]
black owl cardigan clip - made by me
black buckle belt - Bealls Outlet [similar]
boulder grey essential chino - [same]
black pointed toe flats - Payless [same]

On Friday, I decided to shake up my work outfit formula and go with something slightly different.  I actually copied this outfit idea from something I saw my friend M wearing a few weeks ago.  #friendspiration  I liked the way she did casual Friday with a skirt and a denim jacket instead of jeans.  It's a bit more dressed up but still has a slightly casual feel to it.

coral blouse - Kohl's [similar]
denim jacket - Kohl's [similar]
black casual skirt - Kohl's [similar]
black patent toe wedges - Payless [similar]

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