Friday, March 17, 2017

Outfits of the Week: March 13 - 17

Did anyone else feel like the Daylight Saving Time change kicked their butt this week? I definitely did. I spent the entire week feeling tired! I'm so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.


I love that this blazer is both fun and professional. It fits me really well and it doesn't feel too stuffy. It's also light and thin enough that I can still wear it once it gets a little warmer here in Florida.

Black pin tuck pleated blouse - Sears
black and white geometric print blazer - Beall's Outlet
Black buckle belt - Beall's Outlet
Chili red pants - JC Penney
Black pointed toe flats - Payless


Another blazer! This is another really well fitting blazer but this time it's a little more dressy. I tried to keep it peppy with a pretty pink and purple printed blouse underneath. I'm hoping that the lovely print will distract from my "too tired to do my hair" action happening on this day. No? Oh well. Stupid time change!

Pink and purple abstract floral blouse - Kohl's
Khaki blazer - Goodwill
Brown buckle belt - Beall's Outlet
Moss essential chinos - Amazon
Taupe pointed toe flats - Payless


Wednesday was an outfit meltdown day for me. Outfit #1: I had originally planned to wear pants but decided since it was cold, I was going to wear fleece leggings and a dress. Outfit #2: The dress I originally picked out was a chambray button down shirt dress. This day was the second time I've put this dress on for work and felt so uncomfortable in it that I ended up changing. The dress is too short to really be work appropriate. It buttons all the way down and the buttons gap when I sit and then the dress stays misshapen after I get up. Guess which dress is going in the donation bag? But this black dress is plenty long enough, appropriate, and quite lovely for Outfit #3 and the final choice. Do you ever have those days?

Black convertible dress - Target
Hot pink cardigan - H&M
Black cami secret- Burlington Coat Factory
Pearl sparkle cardigan clip - made by me
Fleece lined leggings - Vanity Fair Outlet
Black ankle boots - Walmart


On Thursday I decided to eliminate the outfit drama from my life and just wear something I knew I would be comfortable wearing. And no surprise, I loved this outfit! Which was good because I wore it for seventeen hours. Hubby had an after school performance that I attended directly after work and we didn't get home until 10 PM when my day started at 5 AM.

Olive green tie tank top - Kohl's
Burgundy window pane cardigan - Kohl's
Brown and gold compass cardigan clip - made by me
Brown buckle belt - Beall's Outlet
Mineral blue essential chinos - Amazon
Taupe pointed toe flats - Payless


Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Friday was another outfit meltdown day for me. I started out wearing this green dress that I basically only wear on Saint Patrick's Day each year. After putting on the dress, I tried three different toppers (a denim jacket and two different black cardigans) before I decided I just flat out didn't want to wear this dress because the dumb elastic sleeves are so uncomfortable underneath of anything. Guess that must be why I never wear the dress! It was way too cold today to wear it without something over top so I just decided to change completely. Moving forward, I think I'll either have to cut the sleeves off, cut the elastic off the sleeves, or donate the dress completely. For this morning, it was easier in my sleep deprived state to just wear jeans. Maybe I'm due for another closet purge this weekend though.

Grey ribbed sweater - Walmart
Green om scarf - BuddhiBox, October 2016
Black skinny jeans - Walmart
Taupe ankle boots - Famous Footwear

In other news, I decided to change up my daily outfit photo grids to show more details of the outfit instead of showing the same basic picture over and over. Do you think that's more helpful? Or did you like the old way better? Let me know if you have a preference.

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