Saturday, March 11, 2017

Cardigan Clips

I'm not a huge fan of jewelry.  I have very sensitive skin and sometimes even having jewelry come into contact with my skin can cause it to be irritated.  So when I saw this image of a character from Glee wearing a cardigan clip, I fell in love.  Jewelry that serves a purpose and doesn't touch your skin and can be worn with a cardigan?  Sign me up!  I wear a ton of cardigans to work and these pretty clips also serve a purpose besides just being decorative.  They also keep your cardigan neatly in place!  The only problem is that they are hard to find.  I bought my first one on Amazon but made all the rest myself!

Pearl Cardigan Clip
First, let's start with my very first foray into the world of cardigan clips, this pretty pearl one that I bought from Amazon [same].  I loved the simple design of this one but didn't love that it was nine dollars when I knew I had almost all the supplies needed to make my own for a lower cost.  I bought this one to get an idea of the size I needed to make mine and how it was constructed.  If you like the look of pearls, this is a great starter one!

Golden Snitch Cardigan Clip
Next I made this cardigan clip that is perfect for a Harry Potter nerd like me.  My husband had bought me a golden snitch bracelet off of Etsy for Christmas with the intent that I could make it into my own jewelry since I'm always doing crafty things like that.  The perfect time came!  All I had to do was remove the bit of chain on either end and connect it to the clips with a jump ring.

Mixed Metal Leaves Cardigan Clip
The next clip I made was a really simple one with dainty mixed metal leaves.  I just cut the chain to the size I wanted and attached it with jump rings.  This chain was purchased at Walmart [same] and was long enough to make about three clips.  I made one for a friend with this same chain.

Pearl Sparkle Cardigan Clip
This pearl sparkle cardigan clip was completely made by me.  First, I started by stringing pearl beads and crystal rondelle beads onto a clear monofilament string.  When I got to the end, I looped the clip through and then doubled back through half the beads.  I did the same thing on the other end of the clip.  When the two ends of the monofilament met in the middle, I tied them in a knot and used some super glue to adhere the knot.  Then I removed the button shank from the backs of these pretty pearl and rhinestone buttons.  Finally, I used some jewelry glue to adhere the buttons to the outside edges of the clips. 

Pink Arrows Cardigan Clip
This is another cardigan clip that I made using the same method as the clip above.  I started with pink beads that were leftover from another project.  I used smaller rondelle beads to add some sparkle.  Finally, the arrow charms on each clip were charms like this that I cut the loop off of and sanded down the rough edges with a salon board nail file.  Then I glued them down using a hot glue gun.  I'm not sure how well that will hold in the long run but it's working okay right now.

Black Owl Cardigan Clip
I'm a total sucker for owls so when I saw these charms in Hobby Lobby, I knew I needed to make them a cardigan clip.  I had the black beads and rondelles left over from other projects so I just mixed whatever I had together to make this clip work.  And it's one of my favorites thanks to those cute owls!

Brown and Gold Compass Cardigan Clip
These gold compasses were too cute to pass up!  I just love how the gold compass goes so nicely with the brown beads, which were also a leftover from another project.  This clip ended up being an unexpected favorite among all the other pretty ones I created.  My history teacher husband loved it too!

Black Sparkle Cardigan Clip
As much as I love the fun metal charms, sometimes you just need a little sparkle!  This clip uses some of the same beads as the black owl clip but also has some bling on the clips.  Those were shank buttons that I purchased on clearance at Hobby Lobby and then cut off and filed the button shank down so the back was flat enough to hot glue onto the clip.  Pretty and sparkly for something a little more fancy.

Mixed Neutrals Cardigan Clip
This cardigan clip was really easy!  I just separated the chain from the rest of the beads (it was long enough to make two clips) and then attached each end to the clip using a jump ring.  Then I used the same buttons as the last clip but in a different color to decorate the clip.  Just like the last ones, I cut and filed down the button shank and hot glued the button to the clip.  Easy peasy!

There you have all of the cardigan clips that I currently own!  I say currently because I still have plenty of beads and clips left to make more.  I just need to find some different clip decorating buttons or charms and then I'll be back with the monofilament and glue!  Are cardigan clips something you would wear?  I'm definitely loving this vintage inspired jewelry!

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