Friday, February 3, 2017

Review: Wellsmith Scented Shea Butter

Wellsmith Scented Shea Butter
Almond Scent

Product Claims
According to the website, this is a moisturizer that works for dry or ashy skin and can be used all over the body.

Wellsmith on Etsy [link]

$6.00 for the 1 oz tin [link]
$22.00 for the 4 oz tin [link]
$32.00 for the 6 oz. tin [link]

1. Moisturizing without being greasy.  2. Smells amazing!  3. Very fair price point.

1. Only available on Etsy.

Would I buy it again or recommend it?
I would most definitely buy this again and recommend it to anyone who does yoga or has dry skin.  I absolutely love this stuff!  First of all, it works amazingly.  It really does moisturize but it isn't greasy.  At first it might seem a bit oily but it absorbs into the skin really well.  Also, the scent is fantastic!  Mine is the almond scent and it's very soft and not overbearing but smells lovely.  I love to put this stuff on my hands before I do yoga.  While doing certain poses (downward facing dog, I'm talking about you!), my knuckles can get strained and start to crack and be painful.  I just keep this little tin in my yoga space and I put some on the tops of my hands before I start my practice.  It works really well but my hands don't slip and slide all over the mat like with some lotions.  It's hard to tell in the photos but I've put a decent dent in this already, even though you only need a little bit.  When I run out, I'll definitely be getting more!  I'll probably order the almond scent again and also try out a couple of others.  I also think the price is really fair for what you're getting.

*This product came in my October 2016 BuddhiBox subscription, which I paid for with my own money.

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