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Weekly Goal Update: Jan 1-7

January 1-7

Last week I wrote about my plan to get back on track for the new year with my diet and exercise plan.  The first week of January has come and gone already so I thought I would check in and discuss how each one of my goals has gone.  I'm a big fan of Fran from the blog FranishTheBlog and she had written about doing a weekly check in of her health and fitness goals on her blog to hold herself accountable and invited others to find a way to hold themselves accountable as well.  I thought that was a great idea so I'm here to do the same!  I might not be able to maintain posting every single week but I'm going to do my best.  So let's see how week one went!

1. Make healthier food choices.
I'm pretty proud of how well I did this week with breakfast!  Normally I just eat a bowl of cereal because it's quick, easy, and takes no preparation.  However, I find that cereal just doesn't keep me full for very long and then I end up hungry again by mid morning.  Usually I just pack a banana and eat that and everything is fine.  Sometimes someone will bring breakfast in (fresh Panera bagels slathered in cream cheese) or I'll be tempted by the shared box of Chips Ahoy snack bags someone brought in.  So I decided to give oatmeal a try this week.  It kept me full much longer so I didn't even need a snack.  I'm planning on posting later this week on how I spend a few minutes on the weekend prepping oatmeal for every day the rest of the week.  My favorite flavor this week was carrot cake, complete with real carrot!  Prepping oatmeal for the week takes very little time and I can have a healthy, quick, hot breakfast that keeps me full all the way until lunch.

Thanks to the oatmeal, I didn't snack at all this week!

I did really well with lunches as well.  For the workweek, I had grapes, carrots, and peanut butter and sugar free strawberry jelly on whole wheat bread.  On the weekends, I shook it up with the occasional 1/2 an orange, sugar snap peas, or other variations of fruits and veggies along with some sort of sandwich.  If I didn't feel like PB&J, I had turkey and cheese with spinach leaves instead.

Dinners were probably the hardest for me because my husband cooks and he is not anywhere near as interested in eating healthy as I am.  But if he cooks it, I'm not complaining!  We still did pretty well, as I helped out by selecting some healthy recipes from Pinterest to try and adding the ingredients to our shopping list.  My favorite meal was this lemon-thyme chicken & zucchini.  It was absolutely amazing.  I'm still thinking about it three days later.  I've since ordered a zester on Amazon because I'm pretty sure I now need to have lemon in all of my food and our grater doesn't have the most efficient zester on it.

I only had dessert one day this week: a chocolate ice cream snack cup from Breyer's topped with a bit of whipped cream.  As a person who loves dessert, that's pretty good for me!  Instead of ice cream, most days I made myself a cup of hot tea.  Way less calories but satisfying in a different way.

2. Exercise five days a week.
Check!  While I didn't do yoga as I originally planned, I did exercise six days out of this week.  Mostly, I walked in place while watching TV!  Although for some reason, my FitBit is really struggling to track that activity and either can't pick it up accurately for the correct amount of time (I definitely walked for a full hour yesterday while watching an episode of Man in the High Castle) or it's convinced I'm doing the elliptical.  Either way, I basically do this sort of a thing, varying the type of steps I take.  But I do all of the walking while watching TV for about twenty or thirty minutes at a time.  Then I can take a break and sit for awhile and I still have the energy to come back for another twenty or thirty minute walk.  This is how I've been getting my steps in this week.  And on Tuesday I burnt 241 calories just walking in place while watching TV!  I know that's not a ton or a super intense workout but I thought it was a good start for my first week back to work after basically being off for a week.  It made me wish I had a treadmill.

3. Get 10,000 steps six days a week.
Another check!  This week I had to work Tuesday through Friday so I chose Monday (my last day off) as my "lazy" day.  It was nice to soak up every last minute of my time off for myself and not worry about walking in place to get steps.

4. Go to sleep earlier.
Oh, fail.  After being off of work for a week, I had definitely gotten out of my routine of going to bed around nine and getting up around five.  And it didn't help that my first day back to work, I completely forgot to turn my alarm back on and I woke up two hours late!  Don't worry, it was actually an optional work day for me.  But for the next two nights after that, I kept waking up randomly every hour, paranoid about what time it was and thinking I had over slept.  Finally by Thursday night, I had gotten back into my routine just in time for the weekend.  So getting more sleep is something I'll definitely have to put more effort into next week.  And I've decided I should make this goal more specific too so I can actually assess my success.  I've created a Google Form for myself where I can just open the form right before I go to bed and tell it whether it's a weekday or weekend.  It auto collects the date and time and I can have the data collected for me to see what time I'm calling it a night.  My goal is to have my average bedtime for weeknights be between 9:00 and 9:30 and weekends 10:00 - 10:30.

5. Leave some wiggle room.
Friday night we had a well deserved dinner out.  Hubby received an Outback Steakhouse gift card for Christmas so we celebrated the weekend with an appetizer of cheesy French Fries and an entree of salads.  I feel like splitting a small fry was just enough of a cheat to satisfy my craving for junk without consuming a thousand calories.

6. Progress toward goal?
My long term goal was to lose ten pounds total.  This week I've lost 0.6 pounds  and total I've lost 3.6 since the start of August.  That means I have 6.4 pounds to go!  My weekly goal is to lose 0.5 pounds per week.

That's it for this week's update!  I'm hoping that now that I have some more specific goals laid out, I can really monitor them and keep track of my progress.  Wish me luck!

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