Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Empties: November - December 2016

My empties bin was piling up and I didn't want to start the new year with a bucket full of trash so it seemed like a great time to document my final empties from 2016!  Let's take a look at what I've used up over the last two months.

1. garnier fructis root amp mousse - I've been using this for awhile now to add volume to my roots.  It's affordable and works really well and I've already repurchased it.
2. salon grafix invisible dry spray shampoo - This was my dry shampoo of choice for ages but they've recently redone the formula and I just can't stand the new version.  It doesn't leave my hair feeling clean at all.  I couldn't even finish off this bottle.  It's just so bad.
3. not your mother's clean freak refreshing dry shampoo - Luckily, while traveling this summer I tried out a sample of the not your mother's dry shampoo and I loved it!  I've been using this one now and I really feel like it works even better than the old version of the invisible dry shampoo.  I see how people can get away with not washing their hair for several days with a good dry shampoo!
4. garnier fructis beach chic sea salt spray - I've had this sea salt spray for ages.  I like to use it if I French braid my hair at night to hold in the waves and I also sometimes use it when I curl or wave my hair with hot tools.  It does a great job of adding texture to my fine, straight hair.  The only drawback is that I just don't love the scent of it.  It just smells like salty play dough to me.  Not a bad scent but I really like the not your mother's sea salt spray better so I've switched to that for now.
5. batiste tropical dry shampoo (trial size) - I have a trip coming up in late January so I picked up this because I couldn't find a trial size of the not your mother's dry shampoo.  Then I finally found the NYM so I decided to just use this batiste to try out a different dry shampoo.  I'm not a fan.  It worked just as well as the NYM but I hated the tropical scent.  The tropical just smelled to me like coconut sunblock.  I also felt like it left more of an undesirable residue than the NYM.

1. olay daily facials - This is a staple in my life.  These dry cloths are perfect for removing makeup.  Just get them wet and they suds up and take off your makeup - including waterproof mascara!  I always have these in stock.
2. up & up baby hair + body wash - I use this gentle soap to as a body wash.  It works great on my sensitive skin.
3. clean & clear essentials foaming facial cleanser sensitive skin - I've gone back and forth on face wash a few times but right now I'm using this foaming cleanser.  It's inexpensive, lasts for a long time, and keeps my skin in check.
4. top care makeup remover wipes - These wipes are the store brand that are available at Winn Dixie.  They are my absolute favorite makeup wipes.  They are really affordable and do a great job of removing any leftover eyeliner or mascara without irritating my eyes.
5. up & wet makeup remover wipes - If I haven't been to Winn Dixie for awhile, I pick these up at Target.  They work just as well as the top care but I feel like they are a little more expensive for the same product.

Some of these makeup items are things that I used up ages ago but I had been saving them for my Products I Want to Use Up video series.  [Video #1,  Video #2]  But honestly I just sort of forgot about most of them when I used them up and also forgot about updating.  Oops!  So I'm including them now and I thought I would try to find the date that I used them up from past empties or update videos.  All items denoted with an asterisk (*) are from my Products I Want to Use Up series.

1. l'oreal true match powder in n2: classic ivory (finished May 2016) * - I love this powder!  I've tried so many others, trying to find something a bit less expensive that works as well as this one and the others all just fall short.  This one is really great at setting your makeup without looking dry or cakey like other powders can.  I've since repurchased it but I need to use up a few other ones I have hanging around before I go back to this beauty.
2. physician's formula healthy wear bronzer in fair (finished June 2016) * - I'm pretty sure this bronzer was discontinued ages ago.  It was a great bronzer and I went back and found that I had purchased it back in 2011.  It served me well!
3. rimmel lasting finish foundation in light ivory (finished June 2016) * - I mentioned in video #2 that this foundation was just sort of meh for me.  If you want more details, watch the video but I won't be repurchasing this one.
4. sonia kashuk shine luxe sheer in sheer pink lust (finished April 2016) * - This was a great lip product!  It was simple but added something back to your face.  I miss it sometimes but I always forget that I have the same product in a different shade that I still need to use.
5. revlon lip butter in berry smoothie (finished May 2016) * - This was a great item!  I'm sad that they discontinued the lip butters but I've since found other products that are similar, such as the essence sheer and shine lipsticks.
6. elf lip exfoliator (finished November 2016) * - This is a great product!  I have another one that I'm using now but I go through them pretty slowly.  I recommend it to anyone looking for a great lip exfoliator.  It now also comes in many different flavors!
7. essence gel eyeliner in midnight in paris - I bought this item not too long ago but it dried up really quickly, as these potted gel liners tend to do.  It was good while it lasted but this time around I'm trying the wet n wild gel liner instead.  We'll see if it lasts any longer.
8. carmex classic lip balm X2 - Have I talked about this product enough in my life?  It's completely basic but I go through them like crazy.  They do a great job of keeping my horribly dry lips moisturized.

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