Monday, October 16, 2017

Ipsy Glam Bag: October 2017

I don't know why it took so long for my Ipsy bag to get here this month, but it finally came today and it was high time to tear into it!

Crimson and Lace Bag
I wouldn't normally go for a bag like this but I think it's so cool!  I love the lace pattern and the little bat zipper pull is a cool touch for October.  I do just wish the Ipsy bags were bigger.  I need way more makeup than this tiny bag holds!  😆

Urban Decay
24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion
$13.33 ($20 for 1.2g.  I received 0.8g.)
Who doesn't love a great black eyeliner?  However, I have already received two other great black eyeliners from Ipsy in the last few months and I'm just kind of wishing they would shake things up and send me a different color!  I guess I need to make a point of using my black pencil liners instead of my black liquid liners for awhile because I'm starting to accumulate too many.

Context Skin
Vitamin C All Day Eye Cream
$35.00 (I received the full size, 0.5 oz.)
I guess I'm okay with trying an eye cream but I already have one I really like that's not so crazy expensive.  This stuff better be freaking amazing for me to believe they can justify the cost of this when I can get my Cerave for around ten bucks.

deluxe lights, camera, lashes™ 4-in-1 mascara
$9.86 ($23 for 7 mL.  I received 3 mL.)
I wish this was waterproof because that's always my preference for mascara but I'm always down with trying out a new mascara.  The brush looks really promising so if the formula can hold a curl, we might be friends.

Hey Honey
Trick AND Treat: Active Propolis Cream Concealer
$19.20 ($36 for 15mL.  I received 8mL.)
This concealer has some big shoes to fill.  I feel like my Benefit Boi-ing Brightening Concealer does an amazing job of not only covering my dark circles but also moisturizing the undereye area and lasting all day.  But I'm excited to try this.  At first I was skeptical of a liquidy consistency concealer being able to cover but this stuff is opaque and seems to be the right sort of shade.  And the whole trick or treat theme is cute for October.

Meech and Mia
Loose Eyeshadow in Beige
$11.50 for 1.2 g (I received the full size.)
This eyeshadow is super pretty and swatched really well but I don't think it's beige at all.  It's more of a shimmery peach to me, which when you look at the link for the product, it says peach too.  But I think that's more interesting than beige and I think it will be a fun color to play with.  However, I'm just never a fan of loose powder makeup.  It's always so much messier than a pressed shadow or powder.  It's not a deal breaker but I just personally prefer a pressed shadow.

Total Value: $88.89 + bag

Conclusion: Wow, this bag is one of the best values of any Ipsy bag I've received to date!  However, I just can't help but feel a little lackluster about it.  There's nothing I'm upset about or that I feel I won't use.  It's just that nothing here really excites me, either.  I guess I'm just looking for something with a little more pizazz these days in my makeup and these feel like a lot of basics that I have already.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

FOTD: Pink and Blue Eyes

I mentioned in my blog post yesterday that I was just feeling like wearing some colors this weekend so I'm starting off the weekend with pink and blue!  The only neutral involved in this look is the matte cream shade I used on the brow bone but everything else is fun and colorful in this eye look.

Another fun thing about this eye look is that if you want to buy the shadows yourself to recreate the look, it's only going to cost you two dollars!

Let's start off with the eye makeup.  I did the shadow on my lids first because I know L.A. Colors shadows have a tendency for a lot of fallout on me but then I sort of jumped all around between eyes and face after that.  Do whatever works for you but here's the basics of what I did.

I started off with a tiny dab of Essence I heart stage shadow primer and blended it in with my finger.  Then I used the lightest layer possible of the L.A. Colors jumbo eyeshadow pencil in sea shells on just the lid and blended it all in really well with my finger to avoid creasing.  I used it thinking just a light base of white would make these shadows pop more, as they seem to swatch differently than they apply to the eyes.

Next, I went in with my Wet N Wild eyeshadow single in brulee as a brow bone highlight.  It's a matte cream and I thought it would balance out all the rest of the loud, shimmery colors.  Then I used a tiny flat shadow brush to apply the light blue in the L.A. Colors trio in water lily to the inner half of my lid.  Next, using a medium sized crease brush, I carefully stamped the pink into the crease, going pretty far in towards the inner corner and making sure the pink would peek out over the crease when my eyes were open.  This color took a bit of building up to really show well but I found that just sort of stamping it in worked best.  A sponge tip applicator might actually be really good in this situation but the crease brush worked well to just lightly blend the outer edge but not blend away the color.  Finally, I used the darker blue on the outer half of the lid.  I found this shade to be the most chalky and kick up the most dust but it still worked out just fine.  Just be sure to tap off the excess and be careful in application to not get it smeared all into the other colors.  At this point, I went ahead and did most of my face makeup but for the sake of ease of explanation, I'll just tell you what else I did on my eyes.

I smudged some of the darker blue on the outer half of my lower lashline and the light blue on the inner half.  Then things got messy.  My plan was to do a simple black liquid winged liner with my Rimmel scandaleyes microliner in black, but for some reason today it was not cooperating and it ended up skipping a lot so I had to go back and thicken the line and then I just could not get the extra super thick wings to match to save my life, no matter how much I removed them and redid them.  Finally I scrapped the winged liner and went for more of a bar liner look.  Then I lined the lower inner rim with Rimmel scandaleyes in nude and curled my lashes and applied two coats of L'Oreal lash paradise waterproof mascara in blackest black to the upper lashes and e.l.f. mineral infused mascara to the lower lashes.  Then I used the e.l.f. shape and stay brow wax pencil and topped it off with e.l.f. instant lift brow pencil in neutral brown to fill in my brows.

For face makeup, I started off with two sprays of Hard Candy sheer envy primer mist and then used my Real Techniques miracle complextion sponge to bounce in my Cover Girl outlast foundation (favorite!) in ivory.  I applied Benefit boi-ing brightening concealer in no 1 on my dark circles to cover them and then set it all with L'Oreal true match powder in n2: classic ivory.

For blush, I used the Broadway Colors powder cheek palette kit in summer (bottom right shade) and topped my cheekbones with the highlight in this palette.  To set my makeup, I spritzed several sprays of the e.l.f. makeup mist and set all over.  I really wanted the cheeks to be soft since the eye makeup is pretty loud.

Like the cheeks, I kept the lips soft and subdued with just one product.  This one dollar find that I picked up at Dollar Tree is amazing and my current favorite nude lip product.  This is the L.A. Colors Chunky Lip Pencil in feels nude and it is so fantastic!  The color is the perfect pinky toned nude and the texture is fantastically hydrating and comfortable without smearing or straying outside the lips.  If you can find it at your local DT, definitely pick it up!

And here is the final look!  It's definitely not perfect but I just had so much fun playing with these fun colors and channeling my inner Jem and the Holograms with a bit of modern day wearability.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Outfits of the Week: Oct 9 - 13

Happy weekend!  I am so excited to sleep in tomorrow and wear some crazy wild makeup!  I've been posting my dabbles into colors on Instagram lately (linked below) but I'm really looking forward to going whole hog with some colors when I'm not working and needing to look professional.

A comfy as pajamas dress is a great way to start off the week.  Although it's still not as comfortable to me as a stretchy skirt but I'll take what I can get for today.

navy shirt dress - Burlington Coat Factory
white cardigan - Kohl's
cognac pointed toe flats - Beall's Outlet

I'm feeling totally pumpkinish in this outfit and I'm loving it!  Why not celebrate October with orange and olive?  Add in some cool pointed toe shoes and a blazer and I am work ready too.

olive green tank top - Kohl's
white blazer - Papaya
white skinny belt - Walmart
chili red pants - JC Penney
taupe pointed toe flats - Payless

I don't know how it's still so hot here in Florida.  I guess I shouldn't complain about bare legs being a thing almost year round.  But today I walked to the corner store on my lunch break and I wore just the skirt and the sleeveless top and I was still sweating to death and so hot the whole rest of the day, even in the air conditioning.  Any day, now fall!

white and beige tie neck blouse - Papaya
khaki skirt - Kohl's
charcoal cardigan - Papaya
brown buckle flats - Rack Room Shoes

This outfit was okay I guess.  I didn't love it but I didn't hate it.  I just wasn't all that excited to wear it.  I guess some outfits you love, and some get the job done.

black pintuck blouse - Sears
pink blazer - Amazon
black skinny belt - Walmart
walnut essential chinos - Amazon
black captoe pointed toe flats - Payless

Move over, jeans, maxi skirts are the new casual Friday focus piece.  Could maxi skirts be any more comfortable?  I think not!  I found this one completely by accident while shopping with a friend last week at Sears.  I was lamenting how I've recently fallen in love with maxi skirts but I missed the prime season to buy them because I really wanted a plain black one.  A few minutes later, we were walking through the plus size section and I was just admiring every maxi skirt I saw on the rack when I spotted this one totally out of place.  It turned it to be my size, in petites, and on clearance for $5.99!  It was clearly meant to be.

red tank top - Walmart
white 3/4 sleeve cardigan - Belk
black maxi skirt - Sears
black elastic belt - Amazon
black buckle flats - Rack Room Shoes

Monday, October 9, 2017

FOTD: Warm Neutrals

Lately I've been really trying to branch out and try some different things with my eyeshadow.  I guess there's only so much taupe, grey, and brown a girl needs before she starts to get bored. While I was out shopping this past weekend, I found this palette for a great price at T.J. Maxx that looked really promising.

The palette is the Must Have Beauty Beyond Bare Eyeshadow Palette and it ran me only $5.99.  It's full of twenty-four lovely warm neutral shadows, more than half of which are matte.  I know this is a really common color scheme but I just didn't have anything like it in my collection.  Today is the first day I used it but I'm really pleased with how it applied and wore.  If you can find it in your local T.J. Maxx or Marshalls, I would definitely pick it up.  

I wasn't sure if this eyeshadow palette would have a lot of fall out or not, so since this was the first time I used it, I did my eye makeup first.  I started off by using Essence I heart stage eyeshadow primer.  Next, I went in with the eyeshadow palette.  I applied shade 19 in the crease, which is a warm matte orangey brown.  I blended it into the browbone and highlighted with shade 1, a yellow based cream, which helped transition and blend absolutely seamlessly.  Next I used shade 13 on the lid.  I started to deepen the outer 1/3 of the lid with shade 18 but was a bit disappointed in the pigmentation of this particular shade.  It's not a total bust but it would have taken some building up and I just didn't have time to fuss so I went over it with shade 12, which was more pigmented and gave me the look I wanted faster.  I did all of my face makeup and then went back in with shade 14 on the inner corner and 21 on the lower lash line.  With the exception of shade 18, I was very pleased and impressed with every shade and happy to report there was no fallout at all.  Moving on with the eyes, I used the Rimmel Scandaleyes Microliner in black, which is also new to me.  It made creating a wing so easy!  It was really precise.  Then I used Rimmel Scandaleyes Liner in Nude on the lower inner rim.  I curled my top lashes and used the L'Oreal Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara in Blackest Black to the top lashes and used the e.l.f. Mineral Infused Mascara on the lower lashes.  Finally, after finishing all of my face makeup, I used the e.l.f. Shape and Stay Brow Wax Pencil and topped it off with the e.l.f. Instant Lift Brow Pencil in Neutral Brown to fill in my brows.

First, I started my face by spritzing some Hard Candy Sheer Envy Hydrating Primer Mist on and pressing it into the skin with one of my beloved Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponges.  Then I applied a light layer of Cover Girl Outlast Foundation in Ivory.  Next I covered my dark undereye circles with some Benefit Boi-ing Brightening Concealer in No. 1.  This is just like my beloved Benefit Erase Paste, but repackaged.  I topped all of that off with L'Oreal True Match Powder in n2: Classic Ivory.  Then I warmed up the skin around my hairline with the Essence Sun Club bronzer for lighter skin.  For blush, I used the City Color Be Matte Blush in Guava.  I topped that off with the beige tone in the e.l.f. Illuminating Palette on the cheekbones for a subtle highlight.  Finally, I gave it all two more sprays of the Hard Candy Sheer Envy Hydrating Primer Mist to set it.

My lips today are the Rimmel Provocalips in Make Your Move, which is a pretty neutral warm color.

I really love the final look this gave.  The eyes are warm and pretty but not too loud.  I'm really looking forward to using this eyeshadow palette more and I feel like I got a really good deal on it.  It will be a great palette to use for fall, as I'm loving all the shades of orange, yellow, red, and warm browns.  I think you could do a great pumpkin spice look with this!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Outfit of the Week: October 2 - 6

Happy Weekend!  I am so glad it's Friday!  I plan to really enjoy this weekend.  My friend and I are going shopping on Saturday and out to a greasy junk food lunch.  I can't wait!  Do you have any fun plans for this weekend?

This blouse is really cute but the choker tie neck drives me crazy!  I always feel like it's choking me!  I'm constantly pulling it forward and yanking on it.  But I'm just a sucker for a black and white polka dot so I keep wearing this blouse.  The price we pay for fashion.

black and white polka dot choker blouse - Papaya
blue cardigan - Kohl's
khaki skirt - Kohl's
skinny black belt - Walmart
black buckle flats - Rack Room Shoes

I'm not sure if the quality of the photos on this day are better than the day before but the room is certainly brighter and the colors are more true to what I see in real life.  When we moved this summer, I completely forgot that I had an LED light and a tripod that used to be set up in the corner to give me more light for outfit photos.  So I pulled it out and set it up but I'm not sure it's in the just right position yet.    There does seem to be less shadow on the wall behind me.

burgundy blouse - Beall's Outlet
black cardigan - Banana Republic Factory
black and white polka dot belt - Walmart
boulder grey essential chinos - Amazon
black captoe pointed toe flats - Payless

I was so much feeling the pretty mint color on this top that I went ahead and matched it with some mint eyeshadow.  I just wanted some color in my life!  And I feel like this extra LED light made the color look a lot more accurate to what I see in real life.  This top is so bright it never photographs quite right but this is pretty good.  In photos I feel like it's coming off just slightly more blue and less green.

mint blouse - Kohl's
grey cardigan - Kohl's
black skinny belt - Walmart
black skirt - Walmart
black buckle flats - Rack Room Shoes

This outfit is really simple but I just really liked it.  I also really liked my hair.  If you feel like your hair and outfit are rocking, it's a good day.

peach floral blouse - Papaya
white cardigan - Kohl's
mineral blue essential chinos - Amazon
skinny white belt - Walmart
taupe pointed toe flats - Payless

This skirt is the perfect Friday outfit for when you are totally over looking professional and dressing nice and you just want to wear your pajamas but you need this job to pay your bills and can't afford to get fired.  Enter the maxi skirt, and voila!  Feel like you're wearing jammies, look like you still actually care.  Actual caring optional.

dried mulberry blouse - Vanity Fair Outlet
3/4 sleeve black cardigan - Boscov's
grey maxi skirt - Sears
black buckle flats - Rack Room Shoes

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

FOTD: Mint

I don't know why but lately I've been craving wearing some color on my eyes (like this post on Instagram).  Maybe I'm just bored with grey and brown eyeshadows or maybe I feel like I'm being a silent rebel at work?  Either way, today I was totally inspired by the pretty shade of this mint green blouse and decided let that color guide my face of the day.  That worked out perfectly with this colorful palette I just picked up from Dollar General, as it has a perfect mint in the palette.

Let's start with the eyes because that's how I applied my makeup this morning.  That's not my usual method but I've been burned by L.A. Colors palettes having crazy fallout before so I figured it would be easier this way.  I started by priming my eyes with Milani eyeshadow primer.  Next, I used the minty green shade from the L.A. Colors smokin' palette (top row, sixth from the left) on the lid and inner half of the lower lash line.  Then I used the beige shade in the palette (top row, third from the left) lightly as a highlight on my brow bone and also as an inner corner highlight with a small detail brush.  I thought the palette was a little overly shimmer to stand alone with this bright green shade so I pulled out some matte browns to tone things down a bit since I was going to be wearing this to work.  I used essence single shadow in triple choc as a transition shade in the crease and Nyx single shadow in dark brown on the outer third of the lid.  I overlapped the mint and ended up regretting it because you could still see the mint through it but then it just looked muddied.  I also smudged dark brown on the lower lash line on the outer half.  I drew the thinest line possible on my upper lashes using NYC high definition liquid eyeliner in extra black.  Then I used my little nubbin of Rimmel scandaleyes liner in nude on the lower inner rim.  I applied two coats of Wet N Wild max volume waterproof mascara in black to the upper lashes and a coat of e.l.f. mineral infused mascara to the lower lashes.  To hold my brows in place, I used the e.l.f. shape and stay brow wax pencil and to fill them in, e.l.f. instant lift brow pencil in neutral brown.

And here's a better look at this palette.  I haven't swatched or played with every color yet, but they all seem to have at least a bit of a sheen to them.  Some of them have a great texture, like the mint, and some of them are much more chalky, powdery, and dusty, like some of the purple tones.  This is the first day I've used this at all and the two shades I used worked great!  I actually toned the mint down a bit because it was really pigmented and I didn't want it to be quite as loud as it could be but you could make this even bolder with little effort.

First, I applied Wet N Wild photo focus foundation in shell ivory.  Next, I covered my horrible dark circles with Benefit erase paste in no. 1 fair.  Then I set my face with Rimmel stay matte powder in transparent.  Then I used the Broadway Colors powder cheek palette in summer on my cheeks.  For blush, I applied the bright coral in the bottom left corner, being careful not to apply too much, as it's quite bright and I just wanted a soft peachy look.  Then I highlighted the tops of my cheekbones with the highlight in this palette, taking care to really buff it into the skin and blend it well because I personally don't love highlight that is really noticeable.  I like it more subtle and natural.  Then I set it all with some Hard Candy sheer envy primer mist, which can make a great primer or setting spray.

For lips, I wanted something soft and nude that wouldn't erase my lips but also wouldn't compete with the mint on the eyes.  I found the perfect combination.  This is Wet N Wild megalast lipstick in the shade in the flesh.  It's a perfect soft peachy nude but it's fairly matte and I wanted some shine so I topped it with Rimmel stay glossy in claridge's ruby.  This gloss is great on its own or with any nude lipstick to add some dimension and life.  I love that the formula of this glass has enough thickness to stick around for awhile but it's not so thick that it feels gross or annoying.  It's basically my idea of the perfect lip gloss formula.

And that's the whole look!  The only thing that frustrates me is that I feel like the colors are not picking up on my cell phone camera the way they look in real life.  In real life, this mint is much more vibrant but I just feel like I couldn't photograph it well.  Hopefully that problem will be remedied tomorrow when the LED cell phone right light I ordered arrives!  And this weekend a friend and I are going shopping so I'm hoping to find some more inexpensive palettes with some color in them so I can experiment with some fun new looks.  What are your favorite bold colors to wear on your eyes?

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Shop My Stash: October 1 - 15

As I mentioned in a post last weekend, I'm really trying to switch out the things in my Shop My Stash Drawer every two weeks in an attempt to get out of the makeup rut I'm currently in.  Part of that has also involved purchasing some palettes that actually have colors other than brown or grey in them too so this time around you're seeing some new palettes - with actual colors in them!  I've also been trying out some new mascaras and I've been attempting to pull in lip colors other than fifty different versions of the same neutral shade.  Additionally, I've completed reorganized every drawer of my makeup desk to make certain items more visible, accessible, and better organized.  Before we get into the things I'm attempting to switch up more often, let's look in the top right drawer at the things I really don't switch out.

Right Drawer:

* Hard Candy Sheer Envy Hydrating Primer Mist (great for primer or setting spray)
* Benefit Erase Paste in no 1 Fair
* Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner in Nude
* e.l.f. Instant Lift Brow Pencil in Neutral Brown
* e.l.f. Shape and Stay Brow Wax Pencil
* Milani Eyeshadow Primer
* e.l.f. Mineral Infused Mascara (love this for lower lashes)
* e.l.f. $1 lash curler
* NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner in Extra Black

Left Drawer:
And now we'll move onto the left top drawer, which is what I really consider my shop my stash drawer.  This is where I store items want to make a point to use.  Some of them are new and some of them are old things that I want to make a point to use again.  This is the drawer I reach for when I want to switch things up.  This drawer is so full that I like to break it down into each little compartment.

* Broadway Colors Powder Cheek Palette Kit in Summer
* e.l.f. Illuminating Palette
* Broadway Colors Powder Cheek Palette Kit in Spring
* theBalm Long-Wearing Blush in Balm Springs (from Ipsy)
* Colormates Blush in Mauve Alous

* Jordana LipLiner in 12 Mulberry
* Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor in HD Vineyard
* e.l.f. Matte Lipstick in Wine
* Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Enchantment
* Essence Lipstick in Matt 03
* Essence Sheer & Shine Lipstick in 03 BFF
* Jordana Easyliner for Lips in Tawny
* Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor in HD Desert
* Broadway Colors True Matte Lipstick in 02 Nude Rose
* Rimmel Provocalips in Make Your Move
* ColourPop Lippie Stix in Glam Bag (from Ipsy)

Mascara and Eyeliners:
* Wet N Wild Max Volume Plus Waterproof Mascara in Black
* Rimmel Wonder Lash Waterproof Mascara in Black
* Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shimmer Eyeliner Trio in Green Eyes (trio of Purple, Green, and Black liners)
* ColourPop Creme Gel Liner in Show Me
* Beauty For Real I-Line 24-7 Eyeliner in 24 Karat
* Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Black Noir

* Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation in Shelly Ivory (great for when my skin is dry)
* Covergirl Clean Matte BB Cream in 510 Fair
* Covergirl Outlast Foundation in 805 Ivory
* e.l.f. HD Lifting Concealer in Fair - (favorite concealer for blemishes)
* Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent - (great over WNW PF foundation)
* L’Oreal True Match Powder in n2: Classic Ivory

* Beauty Treats Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette
* L.A. Colors 18 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Downtown Brown
* L.A. Colors 16 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Smokin’
* L.A. Colors Eyeshadow Palette in Traditional
* Milani Shadow Eyes Eyeshadow Pencil in Champagne Toast
* L.A. Colors Eyeshadow Trio in Water Lily
* Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Single in Brûlée
* Broadway Colors Eyeshadow Palette in Metis
* Broadway Colors Eyeshadow Palette in Aphrodite 
* Broadway Colors Eyeshadow Palette in Hera
* Broadway Colors Eyeshadow Palette in Athena

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Fifty Cent Matte Eyeshadow Review

After watching emilynoel83's video about a bunch of Dollar General makeup she bought and loved, I had to get over to my local DG and try some stuff as well.  Today I'm reviewing some fifty cent matte eyeshadows that I picked up from the L.A. Colors line.  I'm a total sucker for mattes and at only $0.50 each, it's a low risk to experiment.

I purchased all six of the matte shadows that were available from this line at my local Dollar General.  I feel like they can be broken down into two trios, one that's more berry and one that's more warm.  Although you could, of course, mix and match any way you like.

Whisper - A soft pink matte.  I thought this one transferred to the eyes as pretty true to the color you see in the pan.  It makes a great lid shade and a nice highlight too.

Secret - This shadow is so much more impressive on the lid than it is in the pan or even in a swatch.  I actually thought it transferred bolder, brighter, and more berry than what you see.  This was a color that I normally would never pick for myself but once I had it on, I loved it so much!  It's one of my favorites from the whole bunch.

Crushed - This color is a matte purple berry.  If there is a dud in this whole group, it's certainly this color.  It looks much darker and more pigmented in the pan.  On the eyes or in a swatch, the color just doesn't transfer well.  It takes quite a bit of building up to get the color to show much and I never felt like it got to the level of what I expected to see by looking at it in pan.  But I still found it workable and easy for me.  Since I have such fair skin, sometimes it's easier to have dark tones that need the color built up.  It makes applying the shadow a little more foolproof when the deep tones are a little less pigmented.  But I still think it's slightly disappointing, especially when it was the last color of the bunch that I tried.

French Vanilla - This cream color is the only shadow that is not truly matte in my opinion.  It just has the slightest bit of a sheen to it.  It looks pretty undetectable in my swatch, but that's just because it's so close to my skin tone.  But it's quite opaque on the lids so don't let the swatch fool you.

Foxy -  This is a lovely matte light terra cotta shade which sort of does remind me of a fox.  This shade is so deceiving.  I feel like in the pan it looks kind of blah but on the lid, it looks so amazing and beautiful and I just feel in love with it on application.  I'm not normally a fan of really warm shadows but this one may have changed my opinion and is probably my favorite in the whole bunch.  And it's really easy to apply and blend.  It might just be the perfect transition color.

Forbidden - This is another true matte.  In the pan, I feel like it looks more orange but on the lid I thought it transferred on as a more reddish orange shade.  It doesn't come off looking like lipstick red or anything, I just think the red tones stand out more than I thought they would.  It's a really interesting shade and I almost didn't buy it because I thought I would never wear it but I ended up quite liking it.

Eyeshadows in Action
Let's take a look at a couple of ways I wore these shadows so you can see how they applied.

For this first look, I used French Vanilla on the lid and as a highlight, Foxy in the crease and as a transition shade, and Forbidden on the outer V.  This look is more bold and warm than what I would normally go for and I ended up loving it!

For this second look, I used French Vanilla as a highlight, Whisper on the lid, Secret in the crease and slightly above as a transition, and Crushed on the outer third of the lid and up into the crease.  Again, crushed is just so weak but secret is a showstopper!

Would I recommend these?
Overall, I thought these were great shadows.  They wore really well throughout the day when applied with a primer.  The only sort of dud was Crushed, but I can still see myself using it.  Just be aware that you're not going to get the same level of depth that you see in the pan on that shade.  And also be aware that French Vanilla is not a true matte.  Other than those things, I think these shadows are a great value and great quality.  If you like matte shadows and these colors interest you, run on out to your local Dollar General with a couple of bucks and pick these up!