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BuddhiBox December 2016

With just a few days left until Christmas, I was excited to get my BuddhiBox in the mail, as I had kind of forgotten about it in all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  And I was pretty excited by what I saw inside!  If you missed any of the other boxes I posted about, the links for all of them are below.

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Lip and Cheek Tint
(shade name is Glisten)
by Orglamix 
$18.00 for full size (equal to $4.50 for the 2.5g size I received)
*Cruelty Free, Vegan
As a makeup lover, I was really excited about this at first.  A lip and cheek gelee in a pretty neutral tone!  Upon closer inspection, this product is laden with shimmer.  On the lips, the golden shimmer is very noticeable and borderline frosty.  I tried it on my cheeks today but I wasn't wearing any other makeup so I'm just not sure how it will look.  It's very balmy, which makes the texture great for lips but not so great for cheeks.  I don't think it will set and therefore will look very dewy with the possibility of sliding around on the cheeks.  It might set well and could work really well for those with dry skin.  For me, I'd rather use a matte powder.  And if I'm going to use it on my lips, I don't want shimmer in it.  We'll see about this with more trial, but I'm a little disappointed.

Sugar Lips Peppermint Scrub
by Bear's Beauty
$20.92 for full size ($0.92 for approximately 2.5g size I received)
*Cruelty Free, Vegan
I always like a good lip scrub!  I just finished up my elf lip balm scrub so this is a perfect time to try out a trial size of something else.  This smells great and the texture looks really nice.  I'm excited to try this one too!

Peppermint Tea
by TeaPigs
I've been on a total tea kick the past month, including having bought a tea kettle just this week so I was really thrilled about this!  I made myself a cup of this last night.  While peppermint tea is not my favorite and wouldn't have been my personal choice, this was still really good and truly tasted like authentic peppermint and not weird artificial peppermint flavor.  It definitely had a "minty cool" flavor as described and I like that it's caffeine free.  As far as peppermint tea goes, this is a really good one!  I think it would be great for someone with a stuffy nose.  I can see myself using the whole pack of 15 bags but it will probably take me awhile.  I just prefer my boring old orange pekoe tea.

Gratitude Candle
by Pure Candle Company
*Cruelty Free, Vegan
I love candles during the holidays and I'm really happy to have received this one.  I'm looking forward to burning it and I'm glad I received this scent, which is described as white spruce, cedar, and rose wood.  Although I swear I detect a hint of lavender.  Either way, it's a great Christmas scent.

Sparkling Mala
by BuddhiBox
I love love love this mala necklace!  I think it's a simple yet beautiful piece that I can see myself wearing a lot.  I think the lovely moss green color would look great with a burgundy sweater on Christmas too!  I can see myself wearing this quite a bit.  I'm already picturing it with jeans, a plain top, and ankle boots [sort of like Audrey's wearing here].  This is probably one of my favorite items in this box.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar
by Amazing Grass
*Organic, Vegan
I guess we were supposed to get the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt flavored bar, as that's what is listed on the card, but I got the chocolate peanut butter flavor instead.  I'm totally okay with that though, because I don't particularly like dark chocolate but I love me some chocolate peanut butter!  I was so delighted to eat this, as those are two of my favorite flavor combinations.  As soon as I was done taking these photos, I tore into this baby... and saw the most unusual texture and color ever.  Allow me to tell you that this tastes just like it looks on the inside - gross.

The texture was nasty.  It was difficult to chew to the point that it sort of made my jar sore.  I didn't notice any taste of peanut butter but it sure tasted weirdly salty.  The flavor was just off in every way.  I had my husband try it and he thought the same thing... nothing about it was right and it had a bitter gross aftertaste.  Even the chocolate was wrong.  This was so incredibly disappointing and yucky.  I don't know how you screw up chocolate and peanut butter but somehow this did.  If this is what healthy tastes like, I'll stick to my regular unhealthy Reese's cups, thank you very much.

Raga Nail Polish - BuddhiBox Bonus!
by Raga Varnish
(shade name is Ganesha)
*Cruelty Free, Vegan, 5 free, paraben free
I could not have been more pleased with the color of this polish.  I know this may show what an incredibly boring person I am but this shade is one of my favorite nail polish shades ever!  I think a light grey creme shade is perfect for a sophisticated, professional manicure.  I'm looking forward to trying it and seeing how it compares to my normal polishes.

BuddhiBox Extras
And of course some of my absolute favorite items are the cards that come with each box.  You get a quote that has the items listed on the back, a beautiful yoga pose, and this month you also got a recipe for Earl Grey Maple Hot Chocolate.  The yoga pose is the plow pose - which is exciting to me because I can actually do that pose!  A lot of times I feel like the poses are too difficult for me.  And the card with the pose is exceptionally lovely this month.

Total Value: $79.86

I absolutely loved this month's box!  Last month I just felt a bit disappointed but I'm totally digging this month's surprises.  I also feel like it was a really good value for what you got.  The most disappointing item to me was the chocolate protein bar (although I'm sure there are people out there that would love it) and the item I liked the most is the mala necklace.  What about you?  What do you think stands out as great in this box?

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