Friday, December 2, 2016

All the Ankle Boots

For the longest time, I have been opposed to ankle boots.  Since I’m so short, I thought they would make my legs look even shorter and stumpier than they already are.  Then a few weeks ago, hubby and I went on a double date with our friends and she was wearing the cutest pair of ankle boots.  And they didn’t make her legs look short!  They made her plain T-shirt and jeans outfit look totally stylish and cute!  Then I started to wonder why I even care how my legs look to other people if I like the shoes I'm wearing.  That was the moment that I converted from a naysayer to a lover of ankle boots.  And now I want to own all the ankle boots!  And I've also decided that ankle boots are perfect footwear for Florida because I want to wear boots but Florida is hot enough that you really only need 1/4 of a boot for warmth.  :-P

I have since purchased four different pairs of ankle boots and because they are all still currently available, I thought it would be a good time to review them and share my thoughts.  And if you happen to be Christmas shopping for someone else this weekend and decide you should treat yourself to a little something too… well, I won’t tell if you won’t!

Black Western Boot
purchased from Walmart [link]

This was the first pair I purchased and I consider them my “gateway drug” into the addicting world of ankle boots.  I bought this pair at Walmart on Black Friday for under $20.  They are a western boot style and though they are described as “cowgirl style”, I don’t think they look costumey or too western.  I wore them on Monday and received a ton of compliments on them.  One of the things that I particularly like about this pair is that they have the little cutout in the front that makes your legs look a bit longer.  And they are comfortable!  I had a busy day Monday and walked 10,000 steps in them without my feet hurting.  They do have a bit of a heel, but it’s only a two inch heel so it’s quite manageable.  They also have a pointed toe and they zip up on the inside.  If you’re not sure if you’ll like ankle boots, theses are a great pair to give the style a try with little financial risk if you don’t like them.  For reference, I usually wear a size six wide in shoes and the six and a half fit me just fine without feeling tight at all.

High Heeled Buckled Bootie
purchased from Famous Footwear [link]

This is the second pair I bought and… I don’t know what I was thinking.  They are really pretty but just so uncomfortable and impractical.  I wore these for part of the day on Tuesday and I regretted it the entire time I had them on.  I basically only walked from my car to my office and then sat in meetings all morning and my feet were still killing me.  And not only my feet, but also my hips!  I don’t know if it was the way I had to walk in them, but my hips hurt for the whole next day as well.  They have a three and a half inch heel, the fabric is incredibly rigid and stiff, and they were so difficult to walk in.  I felt like I was clomping around like a Sasquatch the whole time I had them on and my feet even hurt when I was sitting.  At the first chance I had, I changed into my slippers I keep under my desk and kept them on the rest of the day.  I’ve already returned these and I don’t recommend them.  Though they served as a good reminder that I am not a high heel person.  For reference, I bought them in a six and a half and they both pinched the wide part of my feet and hurt my toes.

Brown Western Boot
purchased from Famous Footwear [link]
Also Available on Amazon in several colors:
     brown [link]
     cinnamon [link]
     sand [link]

When I went to return the other pair of boots to Famous Footwear, I found two more I liked and this was the fifty percent off pair.  (Famous Footwear is running a BOGO 50% off sale until 12/3.)  These are really similar to the black pair that I bought first but in a brown tone.  The other differences are that these have a higher boot shaft height and they are pull on.  I don’t have any trouble getting them on or off without the zipper though and I sort of like the sleeker look without the zipper.  I found these to be just a bit tighter in the area where my feet are wide but they are still not uncomfortable and they don’t pinch.  Again, I bought these in a six and a half because they didn’t have wide sizes.  And this same style is available on Amazon in different colors!  I kind of want them all.  😆

Low Heel Buckled Boot
purchased from Famous Footwear [link]

These boots were my solution to the uncomfortable high heeled buckle ones above.  I really wanted a pair with straps and buckles that were similar to the pair my friend wore that originally convinced me that even I could wear ankle boots.  These ones had a much more practical heel height of two inches and were a lot more comfortable.  I wore them to work two days this week, both of which were very busy days and my feet didn’t hurt for a minute.  These ones are cut straight across your leg so some people may find that they are a bit less flattering than the two western style pairs that have the cutout.  However, I still think they look really cute, just in a different way.  I really like how these look with chinos and jeans but I think the western style boots look better with skirts and dresses.  For reference, I had to buy these in a size seven because the store didn’t have a six and a half in stock for me to try on.  However, I don’t feel like they are so long on me that I’m tripping on the toes or anything.  Maybe they run small?  And they are made of real suede as well.

In summary, I would recommend either pair of western boots or the authentic suede buckle ones with the low heel.  As far as those high heel boots, I wouldn’t recommend them at all.  Even if you just needed to wear them for a short time, I think you would regret it the entire time those shoes are on your feet.

Have you gotten on board with ankle boots?  If so, how do you style your ankle boots?  I’d love to hear from you!

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