Sunday, November 13, 2016

September/October Empties

The empties were just piling up around this house so I figured it was time to talk about what I've used up in the last couple of months.  We'll kick things off with makeup and then move on to the rest.

maybelline colossal volum' express waterproof mascara in classic black X2: For the longest time, this was my absolute favorite mascara.  But then I started noticing that every day, I would have a smudge in the same spot in the undereye area of my right eye.  I'm trying out a different mascara right now.
carmex lip balm X3: I love this stuff!  And I always seem to run out of the tubes in my stash at the same time.  I keep it in multiple different places in my life, which is how I just happened to finish three up around the same time.
elf makeup mist & set: I use this every day to set my makeup and take away the powdery look.  It's super affordable and does just fine for me!
covergirl simply powder foundation in ivory: This powder is okay.  I have another compact of it but right now I'm using my l'oreal true match powder, as I find it much softer and less dry looking.
elf clear brow & lash mascara: I received this in an elf subscription box awhile back.  It holds my brows just fine but I feel like both ends come out with too much gel on them and then my brows look and feel wet.  Lately I've been preferring brow wax to gel.

Skincare #1
olay daily facials X2: These are dry cloths that you get wet and then lather them up and they contain soap that gently cleanses the skin and removes all of my makeup.  If anything at all is left the next morning, it might be just a bit of waterproof eyeliner or mascara.  I love these things and I've already bought more.
topcare makeup remover wipes X2: I use these to get off those waterproof eye makeup bits that might be left over the next day.  I get them at Winn-Dixie and they are really inexpensive, gentle on sensitive eyes and contacts, and they work great!
sweat cosmetics skin balancing cleansing towelette: I got this in my September Buddhi Box.  I think it would remove sweat just fine but I wouldn't count on it to remove makeup like it says it can.  I found I still had to go in with an olay daily facial after this to get off the remaining makeup.
kuddles baby wipes: I use these to clean up swatches and keep my makeup area clean.  They are really inexpensive and work great!
up & up wet cleansing towelette: I bought these when I needed makeup wipes but wasn't going to Winn-Dixie soon to get my TopCare ones.  These are okay but they usually cost more than the TopCare ones and aren't as gentle on my eyes.  But they still get the job done.

Skincare #2
topcare skin cleanser: This is generic for Cetaphil's Gentle Skin Cleanser, as is the Publix one.  This one is really cheap at Winn-Dixie and works just as well as the brand name.
publix gentle clean:  Another generic for Cetaphil.  They all seem to be the same formula to me so I'm fine with saving a few bucks.
cetaphil moisturizing lotion: If I had seen a generic for this fellow, I would have bought it.  This lotion is so gentle that I can use it on my hands, feet, or even my face.  It doesn't break me out or irritate my face at all but it does look quite greasy on your face.  I wear it to sleep so it doesn't matter to me.  I think it's great if you need lots of hydration!
olay sensitive skin spf 15 moisturizer: My face is really sensitive to high levels of SPF but the SPF 15 in this gives me some sun protection without causing me to break out in itchy hives.  I'd like a higher level of SPF in my day time moisturizer but I haven't found one yet that my skin could get along with well.
up & up sensitive skin spf 15 moisturizer: This is the Target store brand equivalent of the Olay.  It's not nearly as good.  I'm not sure why but this formula just doesn't absorb into the skin as well and it's thinner and more runny.  I think the best store brand equivalent is the Walmart Equate version.  I've tried it before and I like it but when you're at Target, I think it's best to buck up for the real deal in this case.
avon lotion: A few years ago, my mom bought me a ton of little tubes of this Avon lotion and I've been working through them ever since.  The lotion itself works really well but they all have the same scent that I can't put my finger on.  But it's really strong and I find it unpleasant so I don't enjoy using the lotion but I'm trying to work through the last two or three bottles of it.
cerave eye repair cream: This is a weird thing.  I've tried this eye cream before and really liked it but I happened to order this particular tube from Amazon and noticed a distinctly different texture to it than ones I've purchased from Target or Walmart.  I also noticed that the Amazon one separated in the tube but the others didn't.  I think this is an absolutely amazing and inexpensive product but I guess I'm saying that I don't recommend buying it from Amazon.  Something was just weird about the tube I got from there.

Body Mist - Lavendar Fields, Juicy Grapefruit, & Vanilla Bean
I bought all three of these in the travel size from Target.  Let me just say that they make terrible body mist.  They last all of about five minutes.  Once they dry on your skin, you won't smell them any more.  I used them instead as aromatherapy while I did yoga but they weren't very good for that either.  I don't recommend them.  I've also tried the coordinating Vanilla Bean and Coconut Water lotions as well.  The vanilla lotion is pretty nice but the coconut water smells just disgusting.  It doesn't smell like coconut at all too me and the weird scent lingers on.  I just don't think this line of You Are Amazing products is good at all in my opinion.

Hair Care
not your mother's double take dry finish texture spray: I love this stuff!  It smells great and it really does add texture without making your hair hard.  It's great to give hair some grip for any kind of updo!
salon grafix invisible dry spray shampoo: This stuff in the old formula shown here was good.  Now they've changed the formula and I've changed to a different brand.
garnier fructis root amp: This stuff is so inexpensive and yet so effective!  I use it on damp hair and it adds volume to my fine roots.
aussie 3 minute miracle smooth: I love the aussie deep conditioners!  This one has a different scent, not coconut, that I can't put my finger on.  It still smells nice though.
aussie 3 minute miracle moist:  This is my favorite aussie deep conditioner though.  I just love that coconut smell and it really moisturizes my hair!
not your mother's beach babe texturizing sea salt spray: I've really been loving almost all of the not your mother's products that I've tried and this one is no exception.  I've already repurchased but this time in the tropical banana scent!

I'd love to know what items you've used up lately and how you felt about them!  You really get to know a product when you use the entire thing!

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