Monday, November 14, 2016

Quite Possibly The Most Perfect Dress Ever

Friends, I know this looks like the world's most boring dress ever but it's quite possibly the most perfect dress ever.  I am so excited about this dress that I just had to snap a few photos and get this post up as soon as possible so that you can snatch this baby up while it's still in stores.  So let me explain my psychotic passion for this incredibly simple dress.  I've been on the hunt for the perfect black dress for literally years.  Now I'm not talking sexy little black dress that you wear on rare occasions when you want to remind your husband why he's happily married.  That's a whole separate thing.  I'm talking about a classic black basic dress that you can wear for well... all the other occasions.

Why is this dress perfect (at least in my opinion)?
* It has sleeves!  If I'm too lazy to think about wearing something over top, I don't have to. And the sleeves are still thin and comfortable enough to layer something over it in the winter.  And though it's long sleeved, it has the button tabs to roll the sleeves and convert them to 3/4 length.
* Layering ability also makes the dress more versatile.  I can wear this with a cardigan or a blazer.  On me, the sleeves are the perfect length to cuff back over so you still see them when layering. [like this] A scarf would look nice with it or I could also see it with a long colored necklace.  Details like that can take it from just a dress to an outfit if I'm feeling less lazy when I get ready that morning.
* It's comfortable while still flattering.  I want to look cute and accentuate my small waist but I also want to eat burritos every now and then and not suck in my stomach afterward.  This dress is perfect because it has an elastic waistband with a belt (removable) that makes it slightly fitted to make me look like I'm not wearing a sack but it isn't as tight as say, that little black dress.
* The length is right at the knee on me.  I needed this dress to be a length that I could wear to work or other conservative events.  I also don't want to feel like I have to wear opaque tights or leggings or something with it every time.  Living in the south means that more than half the year it's too hot for that.  This dress is conservative enough to be perfect for work, casual date night, a wedding, or a baby shower.
* It has hidden side pockets!  And the pockets do not make my hips look any bigger than they already are.
* It's a shirt dress!  Shirt dresses are by far my favorite style of dress because I can disguise my insulin pump between the girls and the details of the dress make it really hard to tell it's there.  #diabeticproblems
* It actually fits me!  That seems like a no brainer but that has been the biggest reason why I've passed up (or bought and ended up not loving) most every other black dress out there.  Since I'm so petite (I'm only 4'11" tall, with very narrow shoulders), it's really hard for me to find dresses that fit.  Very few stores even sell petite size dresses.  The ones that do are usually much more expensive than what I'm willing to pay and a bit more formal, uncomfortable, and stuffy than what I wanted.  Dresses in styles I've liked before have been too wide at the shoulders, which causes the dress to be really uncomfortable and also to ride up at the waist when moving and then all your bits are showing.  A lot of times dresses end up being too low cut because they fall differently on me than people who are average height.  This dress is sold in sizes XS - XXL so it has quite a generous size range and I found that the XS was perfect for this hobbit sized woman.

I sold you with the pockets, didn't I?  I bet now you're wondering where I scored this amazing, perfect dress that I'm sure you're now itching to buy as well.  Well you can run right out to your local Target and pick it up for $27.99!  That's right, Target!  And if you don't have a Target near you, I have more good news!  Between now and January 1 of 2017, is having a free shipping & free returns deal going on!  So if you want, you can order it risk free.  But wait, there's more good news!  (At this point I feel like an infomercial so I'm just going to go ahead and say that this post is not sponsored and I bought this dress twice with my own money and Target I'm sure has no idea what a weirdo I am for this dress.  LOL.)  The dress comes in multiple colors and prints, in case you don't need a perfect black dress but need something else.  I also bought it in the black and white print below.  I wore the black and white one today to work with maroon fleece lined leggings and a black cardigan over the dress.

If you do want to buy this dress, there are two separate links on to check out.  Just FYI, these are not affiliate links.

This link will take you to the dress in black, black and white print, olive green, or cobalt blue. [link]  I'm seriously considering ordering the olive green one because it wasn't sold in either of the Targets I frequent.
This link will take you to the dress in tiger print, burgundy, or black and white vertical stripes. [link]

And for my beautiful plus sized friends out there, has some lovely options for convertible sleeve shirt dresses for you as well.

Here's an olive green utility shirt dress that's fantastic looking.  [link]
And I really wish this grey full button down shirt dress was in my size! [link]
This chambray style dress would be adorable now with boots and in the warmer months with sandals! [link]

If anyone else out there has a dress they love as much as I love this one, let me know!  I've been wearing dresses to work a ton lately because it's just so easy to pick out one thing to wear and then be on my way and I know I'll be shopping for more again soon.

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