Wednesday, October 26, 2016

BuddhiBox October 2016

I first blogged about BuddhiBox last month.  If you missed that post, BuddhiBox is a monthly subscription box service that focuses on yoga lifestyle items.  The cost is $34.95 a month plus $5.00 shipping.  Check out their social media or sign up for their email service (or just search the web) and you're pretty sure to find a discount code somewhere!   Each month, you'll receive 4-6 full size or sample products catered to the yoga lover.  I just have to say that I was kind of meh about last month's box but I really love everything that came this time!  Let's check out what I got.

Pumpkin Seed Serumfrom Dermadeli
*cruelty free, vegan
First, we have a pumpkin seed serum that can be used on not only your face, but also any part of your body that needs a hydration boost.  I've never used a serum before so I'm excited to test this out.  I did try it once on just my cheeks, where my face tends to be drier.  It left my skin really smooth and hydrated without feeling greasy.  I'm looking forward to trying it more!  I should also mention that this bottle came packed in a little bubble wrap sleeve so it wouldn't get broken.  [link]

Conservation Bracelet
from I Love Gurus
*cruelty free
This pretty and dainty bracelet is a wish bracelet.  Basically, you make a wish, wear the bracelet for a few months and eventually it is supposed to fall off.  When it falls off, your wish allegedly will come true.  I'm not a believer in that sort of thing but I do think this bracelet is really cute and the company has a great philosophy and idea behind it.  I've also been enjoying wearing bracelet stacks lately, so I might just put it on a different band.  I don't really like the idea of the little metal tree falling to the ground and becoming more pollution.  [link]

Chocolate Pod
from Chuao Chocolate
$2.50 each
Is there anyone on earth that doesn't like to get chocolate in the mail?  The only downside was that mine got a little melted because I live in Florida and it didn't get delivered until about 5:00 PM on an 85 degree day.  So I think the actual chocolate bar was supposed to be shaped like a leaf but I'm not positive.  It was delicious though!  I don't typically like dark chocolate but I didn't find this one bitter like I usually think dark chocolate is.  [link]

Om Deity Scarf
from Shiva Arts
*cruelty free
Not gonna lie: I got so excited when I saw there was a scarf in this month's box.  I love scarves and this one is a beautiful shade of green that goes great with my eyes!  I'm pretty sure different people got different colors though.  This one is soft and light weight enough to wear almost year round.  Or you could use it as a wall decoration, as it's really big. [link]

Shea Butter Tin
from Wellsmith
*cruelty free, vegan
This item was a bit of a lottery: some people got a tin of shea butter while others got Satwa Incense sticks.  I'm so glad I got the shea butter!  I almost bought a tin of shea butter just a few days before my box arrived but I passed.  I received the almond scented one, while other people received different scents.  I've used this multiple times already and I absolutely love it!  Doing yoga poses like downward dog make my knuckles really dry and this stuff is great to hydrate without feeling oily.  It absorbs really well into the skin and the scent lasts for a really long time. [link]

All Natural Mat Wipes
from Jo-Sha
$2.00 each
*cruelty free, vegan
I'm really excited to try this yoga mat cleansing wipe!  I really need to be better about cleaning my yoga mats but I just seem to always forget, even though I have a bottle of DIY yoga mat cleansing spray.  We'll see if this one is any good.  [link]

Total Value: $72.50

In addition to the above items, you also receive several fun extras in each BuddhiBox.

GreenBlender Gift Card
This month's box included a $20 gift card to  I currently have no interest in signing up for expensive smoothie ingredients, but it would be nice for people who are interested.  I do make smoothies from time to time but not often enough for a subscription of produce.

Yoga Pose Illustration - Wild Thing
Every month, you'll also get a beautifully illustrated yoga pose card.  The front has a gorgeous drawing of the pose and the back explains how to access the pose and the benefits.  This is seriously one of my favorite parts of the box!  I love these beautiful images and I save them to display in the yoga area of my bedroom.

Monthly Quote
Each month you also get a card that lists all of the items in your box with prices.  On the back of that handy card, you have a quote.  I love that this month's is namaste!

What Do You Do With All Those Extras?
As I accumulated more of the beautiful yoga poses, quotes, and other extras from my BuddhiBoxes, I decided to create a little place to display them.  I have a corner of my bedroom for yoga with a French memory board and I display them there.  It makes for a happy little area for me to do my yoga.  I save all of the things that I like and soon I'll have enough to rotate through my favorites.

Charity of the Month - Circuelle Foundation
A portion of each month's box is donated to a different charity.  This month's charity is the Circuelle Foundation.  According to the Circuelle Foundation's website, they are "a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to educate women about breast health and increase breast awareness through healthy rituals."  Learn more about them here.

As a whole, I absolutely loved everything in this month's box!  I definitely think was worth the price for me and I am already excited for next month's box.

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