Sunday, September 18, 2016

BuddhiBox Unboxing: September 2016

Today I'm bringing something a little different to the blog: a new subscription box: BuddhiBox!  What is a buddhi, you ask?  Well, it's basically the feminine version of the word buddah.  Here's the info on this subscription box:

What is it?
According to their website,, this yoga lifestyle box will bring you deluxe samples and full size yoga products for both on and off the mat.  As I've recently found that I really like yoga not only as exercise, but as a way to relieve the stresses of the day, I thought this would be a fun box to try.  I looked into a couple of different boxes but this one was the one I was most interested in trying.

How often do you receive a BuddhiBox?
BuddhiBox is a monthly subscription service.  They ship around the tenth of each month.

How much does it cost?
The box is $32.95 per month, plus $5 shipping.  However, if you're thinking of ordering, sign up for their email service and check their social media, as they often have coupons or sales that are shared just before the tenth of the month when the box usually ships.  It's a great way to save on your first box!

How does it ship?
The above photo is the box that my BuddhiBox arrived in.  There were no excess packing materials inside (packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc) which was fine because nothing was breakable and that just saves the environment from the junk we throw away.

What might I get in the box?
I thought this survey that you take before ordering was worth sharing.  Some of the questions that I thought were most notable were the color preference (I chose brights, but I think other options included neutrals, patterns, and a few more), vegan items preference (that sounds like food!), and the type of yoga you practice.  I'd love to know what the results are used for!

Customer service?
I just wanted to share my personal experience with BuddhiBox customer service.  First, allow me to say that I sought out this box on my own, purchased it with my own money, and am in no way affiliated with the company for sponsorship, PR, or in any other way.  So I feel like my experience with customer service is what any other person ordering should be able to expect as well.  The first time I ordered, as I clicked the button to purchase, the website timed out before I got a confirmation.  I tried to login with that email to double check but it said my password was wrong and the password recovery email never came to my account so I assumed it didn't go through.  I then created a different account using a different email and was able to order with success... but an hour later I checked my bank account and was charged for two boxes.  Ack!  I emailed the address on the website and explained in detail what had happened and what I would like the resolution to be: to cancel the first order and just keep the second.  The next day, the founder and CEO, Maxine Chapman, emailed me back personally and said that they did just that.  Seriously, it was that easy!  And sure enough, my bank account was refunded and I only ended up with one box.  It was no hassle at all and I was treated kindly and with respect.  What more can you ask?  I was very pleased about that.

Charity of the month?
Every month, BuddhiBoxes donate a portion of the sales of the boxes to a different charity, which I think is just awesome.  The September box donations will go to the charity Children With Hairloss.  What an amazing cause!

What was in your box this month?
In addition to the items listed below, you also receive some fun postcard type items coupon cards.  I know that sounds silly, but I really like them!  I'm actually planning on buying (or maybe DIYing) a French memory board to display the larger cards in my makeup area because they are both pretty and inspirational.

There are three total cards like this: one with a beautifully illustrated yoga pose on one side and an explanation of the pose on the other, one with a quote and the BuddhiBox logo on the front and a list of each item in the box on the back, and one with a beautiful gold script quote on one side and a recipe on the back.

Additionally, I got a 15% off promo code for Gypsy Soul Organics and a card with information on a free 10 minute guided meditation from

Buddha Charm Necklace
from Gogh Jewelry Design
The first item here is a cute little buddah necklace.  The backing is stamped with "handmade with love", which is neat.  I love this simple and dainty necklace, and while I'm not Buddhist myself, I agree with many of the ideals of Buddhism and I can definitely see myself wearing this.  I think it would be great as a layering necklace too, with a few other dainty necklaces in varying lengths.  I definitely liked this item.  [link]

Aromatherapy Potion
GypsySOUL Organics
* Organic, Cruelty Free, Vegan
I received the Sister Wind scent, which the label says can energize and inspire.  The scent is listed as spearmint, eucalyptus, and basil.  I believe from what I've seen online, it may be possible that people received different scents.  While this is not my absolute favorite smell (the spearmint is a bit strong and gives a toothpaste feel), I still really love it!  I was so excited about this item, as I really enjoy using aromatherapy in conjunction with my yoga.  Any recommendations on other aroma therapy scents that might have a calming effect?  I ordered some supplies to make my own aromatherapy sprays in the future.  [link]

Bookmark and Decal
My Everyday Mantra
The decal has the same quote as the bookmark.  This was one item I was a little disappointed in.  I guess I can always use a bookmark but it's not something I get excited about getting from a subscription box.  It might end up going on the memory board with the other pretty and inspirational cards.  As for the decal, I believe it is supposed to cling so I might try sticking it on my large makeup mirror.  If it does stick, that would be a lovely reminder in the mornings!  [link]

Mat Strap
* Cruelty Free
This pretty green strap has the BuddhiBox message on it and might be one of my favorite items in the box!  This can be used as a tool to help you get deeper into poses that are difficult for you and can also be used as a strap to carry your yoga mat.  I'll have to do some research though because I honestly don't really know how to use this.  I'm sure YouTube can help me though!

Ayurveda Incense
* Cruelty Free, Vegan
I'm not usually a fan of incense so this was a little meh for me.  There are 10 sticks in the package and mine are the Katsuri scent.  Back in the day when I used to burn incense, they all smelled the same to me but I bet these aren't the same super cheap kind I used to buy at the flea market when I was in my twenties.  I'll give them a try and hopefully I'll like them. [link]

Coconut Hair Mask
St. Tropics
* Organic, Cruelty Free, Vegan
What beauty loving gal wouldn't want to experiment with a hot oil hair mask like this one?  I'm definitely looking forward to a day of pampering with this! [link]

Meditation and Sweat Cosmetics Towelette
* Cruelty Free, Vegan
This is a bonus item.  I just can't get that excited about a moist towelette.  But I'll give it a try either way.  [link]

After adding up all the prices listed on the card, the total came to $84 worth of products.  I'll let you all decide for yourself if you think it was worth the price the box costs.  For me, it was a really fun experience waiting for the surprise of a subscription box to arrive and see what was in it.  I enjoyed enough of the products that I will definitely continue this subscription next month.  Some things I'd love to see in the future would be yoga gear, bracelets, food, and maybe some herbal tea.  Part of the fun is the fact that the possibilities are so wide for this box!

Monday, September 5, 2016

FOTD, Summer Empties

Somehow it seems summer has gotten away from me and it's time for some empties!  Check out the YouTube video to see what I've used up over the last few months.  Below you'll find information on the makeup and clothes I'm wearing in the video.  Thanks for stopping by!

* covergirl clean matte bb cream in fair
* rimmel match perfection 2-in-1 concealer & highlighter in fair
* benefit erase paste in no 1 fair
* covergirl simply powder foundation in ivory
* essence matt touch blush in berry me up!
* elf instant lift brow pencil in neutral brown
* elf clear brow & lash mascara
* elf makeup mist & set

* wet n wild fergie take on the day eyeshadow primer
* bitzy custom compact eyeshadow single in au naturale (brow highlight)
* bitzy custom compact eyeshadow single in cloud nine (lid)
* bitzy custom compact eyeshadow single in beach bronze (transition shade in crease)
* bitzy custom compact eyeshadow single in beauty mark (deepen crease)
* bitzy custom compact eyeshadow single in high spirited (inner corner)
* bitzy mechanical eye pencil in french roast (top lashes)
* rimmel scandaleyes eyeliner in nude (waterline)
* maybelline lash discovery waterproof mascara in very black (lower lashes)
* maybelline colossal volum' express waterproof mascara in classic black (top lashes)

* eos lip balm in sweet mint
* bitzy matte lipstick crayon in diva

* floral bow headwrap is from Target
* olive T-shirt is from Walmart