Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Spring/Summer Clothing Haul

Hey there, friends!  I feel like it's been a long time since I've done a stand alone blog post.  I'm happy to have something fun to share with you.  Since about March when the temperatures here started to warm up, I've realized that I needed to updated my spring and summer casual clothes.  First of all, my husband and I are taking a trip to Germany, Poland, and Czech Republic next month and I needed some more casual pieces that were comfy for long days being a tourist.  Second of all, starting July 1st, I will be a twelve month employee for the school district I work in so that means I'll be working pretty much all summer long.  During the summer, it's acceptable to dress slightly more casual because we work four ten hour days.  With that in mind, I've been on the hunt for some casual tops, bottoms, and sandals for the last three months.  I've also taken advantage of the great sales and coupons that department stores have been offering lately.

First, let's start off with what I got at Bealls Outlet.

This grey tee is perfect to throw on in the summer or even in the winter with a cardigan and scarf layered over it.

Next, I got the world's most amazingly comfortable cargo pants.  They have the waistband with the built in stretch that makes them comfortable for sitting in for long periods of time.  I'm thinking these will be the pants I wear for the flight to Germany.

Let's move on to J.C. Penney.

I picked up these black knee length cargo shorts for super cheap after JCP sent me a $10 off your purchase coupon.  These are definitely going to Europe with me!  The same pair is still available here.

I was absolutely thrilled about this find: a waterproof hooded bright pink rain coat from Belk.  [exact same here]  It was on sale and the cashier also gave me a 10% off coupon because she was really nice.  :)  Ironically, it was a way better price than similar items at Burlington Coat Factory.  This will come in super handy for our trip to Europe but also for this time of year in Florida where it's often rainy but too hot for a thick coat.  This one is nice and thin.

And my absolute favorite store: Kohls!  I love that Kohls carries petite extra small size tops that fit my super short torso and narrow shoulders.  They also offer tons of coupons, sales, clearance, and Kohls cash and I feel like my money goes farther there.

This adorable bright coral and grey striped shirt was calling my name.  I think it will look great with lots of different colored bottoms: navy, olive, black.  I also really like the varying sizes of stripes and the little detail at the collar.

And another striped shirt that I have no excuse for.  I'm not usually that into stripes but I just loved how this shirt fit.  I've already worn it several times in the last few weeks.

This shirt is great because I can wear it alone as casual wear or with a cardigan for work.  I actually have this same shirt in five different colors and patterns.  I love the fit and how versatile they are.  This one is a vibrant peachy coral but I feel like the photo came off looking more neon pink than it is in real life. [exact same]

And I also got the same one in a minty color that's perfect for spring.  [exact same]

This cardigan was a great price and I can always use a black cardigan.  You can't even beat this price from Goodwill!

This shirt really brings out the color of my green eyes.  I like that it can be worn untied for the weekend or it can be tied at the top and still be conservative enough for work with a cardigan over top.  [exact same]

This pair of capris is another super comfy item for long days of sitting at my desk working.  It has a button and zipper but also has a stretch/elastic waistband which keeps it from gapping in the back.  These look really cute paired with the black,white, and mint striped shirt. [exact same]

Lastly from Kohls, I got this pair of denim capris to replace my old pair.  The old ones had a paint accident when I was helping my friend redo her master bedroom last month.  I was sad at their loss but somehow I ended up liking these even more.  They came with a belt but I don't really find myself wearing it. [exact same]

Last but not least, I needed to find a replacement for my beloved cognac braided sandals that I bought three years ago.  I've worn my old ones a ton and while they aren't dead yet, they definitely haven't got much life left in them.  I wanted to find a replacement before they actually were unwearable.  And since Rack Room Shoes was having a BOGO 50% off sale, I got them in black as well.  I'm happy to report that I love the replacements every bit as much as I loved the original. [exact same in tan] [exact same in black]

I'm all set for spring and summer temperatures now!  Now to start stressing about what I'll pack for my trip to Europe.  Anyone else hate packing as much as I do?

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