Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Haul Success

In a post last week, I had mentioned that I was going shopping and was on the hunt for some specific things.  Success!  At least partial success, which I still consider pretty good because I'm never 100% successful.  That's probably best for the sake of my checking account, though!  I was on the lookout for: rings, short sleeve or sleeveless tops for work, bracelets, a tray for my makeup area, a new purse, and some floral supplies for a DIY.  What did I end up with?

Rings: First, we went to Kohl's, where I was looking for tops, a purse, and rings.  Well they had no tops I even liked enough to try on and their purses were way more expensive than what I wanted to pay. [Seriously, Kohl's?  Not worth $55!]  I had $5 Kohl's cash and wanted a ring to wear when my edema acts up after I eat too much salt and causes my hands to swell and my wedding ring to be uncomfortable.  These were on clearance for $4.80 and I had a 15% off coupon so I paid nothing for them and my hubby bought a dress shirt at a discount too.  However, it was hard to try these on when they were attached to the display card and it turns out they are way too big for my ring finger even when my hands are swollen.  They'll look pretty stacked on my middle finger though and I love the mixed metals and different textures.

Purse: I was in desperate need of a new purse.  Typically I have several purses at any given time and I just switch out when I get bored with one.  However, right now pretty much all of my purses are at the point where the wear is getting pretty bad and they need replaced.  I'm diabetic so all of my supplies (glucometer, extra pump parts, emergency juice/sugar) go with me everywhere I go so my purses wear out fast.  This one is big enough to carry my MacBook Air so that if I have to go to a meeting at work, I have the option to bring my laptop bag or just toss my laptop in the purse.  This same brand is sold at Kohl's, but I got this for less than half of what they were charging by purchasing mine at Burlington Coat Factory.  I'll have to remember that, as I'm sure I'll be replacing my neutral colored purse soon as well.

Dress: Okay, so I wasn't actively looking for dresses but I've been on the hunt for a button down shirt dress with sleeves for ages and finally found one that I liked at Burlington for a great price.  I love that it's navy, a little fitted but still a little loose, the sleeves aren't too long on me and they have buttons and a loop thing to make the sleeves shorter and more casual as well.  I think this will be a great dress for work because it's one and done!  No need for a jacket, cardigan, or anything.

Wreaths and Leaves: Since Christmas, I have been wanting  to do a DIY for the background of my YouTube videos.  Nothing fancy, just some wreaths to decorate the candle that you see behind me, which I got for Christmas here.  But I just didn't want to pay a lot for something I knew I could make for cheap and I really don't go to the Dollar Tree very often.  But we finally made a point to go there just for this project.  I got three willow wreaths in the smallest size they had and two twig garlands, which I thought would be good greens for filler in the wreaths.

Silk Flower Bunches: I also picked these up at Dollar Tree, as I planned on making three different flower wreaths.  I got three bunches of Magnolias (two pink and one white), two bunches of pansies, and two bunches of burlap sunflowers (one yellow and one tan).  I made all three wreaths right when I got home and I love how they turned out!  I can't wait to use them in the background of a video.  I just removed the flowers and leaves from the stems and hot glued them to the willow wreath.

Bracelets: Finally, we finished our shopping trip at Hobby Lobby.  I had mentioned in this post that I bought a medic ID alert bracelet that can be interchanged with different bands so I wanted a more casual band and also some cute bracelets that I could stack with it.  As a watch wearer and medic ID wearer, I've never really been into bracelets because both of my wrists were taken up but now I feel like I can mix and match and stack them.
The bracelets I bought were:
Black Braided band (for my medic ID.  has 2 lobster claws)
leather bracelet with feather
gold bird connector bracelet
arrow focal bracelet

Hello Beautiful Tray/Wall Decor: I was looking for a pretty little tray that would make a nice decoration for my makeup area.  This one spoke to me... literally.  And when it spoke, it said nice things so I bought it using my 40% off coupon that Hobby Lobby always has.  I'm not sure if I'll display it upright (you can hang it) or store stuff in it or what but I couldn't leave it behind when it was busy saying hello beautiful. [exact]

That's one heck of a haul success!  Have you been on the hunt for any particular items lately?

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