Sunday, March 6, 2016

Fun & Random Target Haul

In usual Friday night fashion, Brian and I went out to dinner and then made a stop in to Target before we headed off to the grocery store.  I needed a couple of skin care items but ended up with an assortment of fun and random stuff as well.

This is what I actually went into Target to get.  I was almost out of my moisturizer with SPF.  I picked up the Up & Up store brand version of the Olay Complete All Day Moisture SPF 15 Sensitive Lotion.  I've also used the Equate store brand version from Walmart and I find they both work well for me and cost far less than the Olay version.  However, my Target didn't have any Up & Up versions of the Olay Daily Facials.  It seems like Olay has changed these up a bit, as they now come in different levels of "clean" where they used to be for different skin types.  Now they have deep clean, daily clean, and gentle clean when they used to be oily skin, normal/combo skin, and sensitive skin.  I have pretty normal skin when it comes to oiliness so I went with the daily clean.

I was also in need of a replacement body lotion for my feet and legs, as the one I have right now I detest.  (I'll be talking about it in an upcoming video so stay tuned.)  I was looking for the Bodycology line of products but where they used to be in my Target, I found the display of these products instead: You Are Amazing.

They had a wide variety of different scents but I just wasn't sure yet about this brand so I decided to give a couple of travel size items a try instead of ending up with a large size that I might not like (travel size were $1.99 each).  I picked up the body lotion and also the body mist in the scents Juicy Grapefruit and Vanilla Bean.  I've used them a couple of times and so far the lotion is really creamy and moisturizing.  The scents are nice but don't last long, which can be a good thing sometimes.  I personally find lotions from Bath and Body Works last for a long time and are really strong but almost to the point of making me feel sick to my stomach.  The verdict is still out on whether I will repurchase the lotion in the larger size.  As for the body mist, to me it's a total pass.  The scent on that lasts for about five minutes and that's it.  After that I can't smell it on my skin or clothes.

And now for the totally fun and random part of the haul!  First, I picked up a shamrock garland.  I've decorated my office already for St. Patrick's Day but I have one space of wall that is bare and this will be the perfect size for that space.  I also bought a bunny ears headband.  Long story but in my office, I have this stuffed pig that came from a software company that we work with.  It's shaped basically like a fat dodge ball, completely round with tiny little feet and headbands go around it perfectly.  Penelope Pig will make a great bunny for Easter!  :)  And finally, I bought myself a headband that has wire in it in a cute coral polka dot pattern.  I'm not sure yet how I'll wear it but it was so cute I thought it was worth a try.

Those are the fun and random things I bought at Target!  I know I'm not the only one that goes in for a couple of things and ends up leaving with a bunch of totally weird items.  What fun stuff have you found at Target lately?

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