Tuesday, March 29, 2016

NOTD: Sonic Bloom

These nails are actually from over a week ago but I'm just now getting around to posting this.  I sort of forgot until I saw the photos on my computer.  Better late than never, though!  I started off with a base coat of Sally Hansen Insta Dri and then went on to this lovely polish.  It's a bright red but it's sort of a coral red, if that makes any sense at all.  It's very vibrant and lovely.  I was stupid though and used two coats (old habits die hard) when one would most certainly have been opaque enough if only I had been more careful.  After that I finished off with a top coat of NYC Grand Central Station and all that polish was just too much.

This manicure only lasted about 24 hours because it started chipping within a few hours.  I'm really not pleased with my NYC Grand Central Station top coat.  I feel like ever since I started using it I can never get a manicure to last even a full day.  Also, you can't really tell in the photos but in real life, you could see tiny bubbles in the polish.  I can't say for sure that it's the top coat, since I know I used way too much polish with the two coats.  But it's something I'll be keeping an eye out for when I paint my nails again.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Lip and Cheek Pairings

Today I'm sharing a YouTube video with you!  Remember all those color coordinated face of the day posts I shared last week?  Today is the culmination of them: a video all about Spring Lip & Cheek Pairings!  I hope you enjoy and I hope your first days of spring have been lovely.  :-)

Here's the list of all the products I mentioned in the video.

Milani Rose Powder Blush in Romantic Rose
Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Pretty Natural

e.l.f. Studio Blush in Blushing Rose
Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter in Candy Apple

e.l.f. Powder Blush Palette in Light (bottom right shade)
Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Color in Rose Bud

Cover Girl Cheekers Blush in Pretty Peach
Jordana Easy Liner for Lips in Pink Love
Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick in Fresh Papaya

Jordana Powder Blush in Blushing Rose
Essence Lip Liner in 15 Honey Berry
Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain in Cranberry Crush

Wet N Wild Color Icon Blusher in Heather Silk

Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Haul Success

In a post last week, I had mentioned that I was going shopping and was on the hunt for some specific things.  Success!  At least partial success, which I still consider pretty good because I'm never 100% successful.  That's probably best for the sake of my checking account, though!  I was on the lookout for: rings, short sleeve or sleeveless tops for work, bracelets, a tray for my makeup area, a new purse, and some floral supplies for a DIY.  What did I end up with?

Rings: First, we went to Kohl's, where I was looking for tops, a purse, and rings.  Well they had no tops I even liked enough to try on and their purses were way more expensive than what I wanted to pay. [Seriously, Kohl's?  Not worth $55!]  I had $5 Kohl's cash and wanted a ring to wear when my edema acts up after I eat too much salt and causes my hands to swell and my wedding ring to be uncomfortable.  These were on clearance for $4.80 and I had a 15% off coupon so I paid nothing for them and my hubby bought a dress shirt at a discount too.  However, it was hard to try these on when they were attached to the display card and it turns out they are way too big for my ring finger even when my hands are swollen.  They'll look pretty stacked on my middle finger though and I love the mixed metals and different textures.

Purse: I was in desperate need of a new purse.  Typically I have several purses at any given time and I just switch out when I get bored with one.  However, right now pretty much all of my purses are at the point where the wear is getting pretty bad and they need replaced.  I'm diabetic so all of my supplies (glucometer, extra pump parts, emergency juice/sugar) go with me everywhere I go so my purses wear out fast.  This one is big enough to carry my MacBook Air so that if I have to go to a meeting at work, I have the option to bring my laptop bag or just toss my laptop in the purse.  This same brand is sold at Kohl's, but I got this for less than half of what they were charging by purchasing mine at Burlington Coat Factory.  I'll have to remember that, as I'm sure I'll be replacing my neutral colored purse soon as well.

Dress: Okay, so I wasn't actively looking for dresses but I've been on the hunt for a button down shirt dress with sleeves for ages and finally found one that I liked at Burlington for a great price.  I love that it's navy, a little fitted but still a little loose, the sleeves aren't too long on me and they have buttons and a loop thing to make the sleeves shorter and more casual as well.  I think this will be a great dress for work because it's one and done!  No need for a jacket, cardigan, or anything.

Wreaths and Leaves: Since Christmas, I have been wanting  to do a DIY for the background of my YouTube videos.  Nothing fancy, just some wreaths to decorate the candle that you see behind me, which I got for Christmas here.  But I just didn't want to pay a lot for something I knew I could make for cheap and I really don't go to the Dollar Tree very often.  But we finally made a point to go there just for this project.  I got three willow wreaths in the smallest size they had and two twig garlands, which I thought would be good greens for filler in the wreaths.

Silk Flower Bunches: I also picked these up at Dollar Tree, as I planned on making three different flower wreaths.  I got three bunches of Magnolias (two pink and one white), two bunches of pansies, and two bunches of burlap sunflowers (one yellow and one tan).  I made all three wreaths right when I got home and I love how they turned out!  I can't wait to use them in the background of a video.  I just removed the flowers and leaves from the stems and hot glued them to the willow wreath.

Bracelets: Finally, we finished our shopping trip at Hobby Lobby.  I had mentioned in this post that I bought a medic ID alert bracelet that can be interchanged with different bands so I wanted a more casual band and also some cute bracelets that I could stack with it.  As a watch wearer and medic ID wearer, I've never really been into bracelets because both of my wrists were taken up but now I feel like I can mix and match and stack them.
The bracelets I bought were:
Black Braided band (for my medic ID.  has 2 lobster claws)
leather bracelet with feather
gold bird connector bracelet
arrow focal bracelet

Hello Beautiful Tray/Wall Decor: I was looking for a pretty little tray that would make a nice decoration for my makeup area.  This one spoke to me... literally.  And when it spoke, it said nice things so I bought it using my 40% off coupon that Hobby Lobby always has.  I'm not sure if I'll display it upright (you can hang it) or store stuff in it or what but I couldn't leave it behind when it was busy saying hello beautiful. [exact]

That's one heck of a haul success!  Have you been on the hunt for any particular items lately?

Monday, March 21, 2016

Product Fails Video FOTD

Have you checked out the products that didn't work out for me lately?  They're all here in this video.

* rimmel fix & perfect pro primer
* revlon colorstay whipped creme foundation in ivory
* avon ideal shade concealer stick in fair (blemishes)
* benefit erase paste in no. 1 fair
* rimmel stay matte powder in transparent
* elf contour palette (top left shade as highlight, bottom right shade as contour)
* milani powder blush in romantic rose
* maybelline define-a-brow in medium brown
* nyx control freak brow gel

* wet n wild take on the day eyeshadow primer
* l'oreal infallible eyeshadow in iced latte (lid)
* elf baked eyeshadow in burnt plum (lightly, in crease)
* nyx eyeshadow single in dark brown (lower lashline; inner corner)
* wet n wild eyeshadow single in brûlée
* rimmel scandaleyes liner in nude (waterline)
* nyc high definition liquid liner pen in extra black
* elf mineral infused mascara in black

*rimmel provocalips in wish upon a berry

white and black cat print scarf - Vanity Fair Outlet

Sunday, March 20, 2016

FOTD: Pink

The last installment of my "inspired by color" FOTD series is here: pink!  I'm a little sad but there's no need to be because a video about this topic will be coming soon!  Stay tuned!

* benefit erase paste in no. 1 fair
* milani even touch powder foundation in shell
* milani powder blush in romantic rose
* maybelline define-a-brow pencil in medium brown
* nyx control freak brow gel

* nyc high definition liquid eyeliner in extra black
* cover girl super sizer waterproof mascara in very black

* milani color statement lipstick in pretty natural

Friday, March 18, 2016

FOTD: Berry

Today's look was inspired by this beautiful Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie.  So much beautiful soft shiny lip gorgeousness!  Not much else to say, other than that I'm still not sure about this hair.  But for now, I'm off to do some shopping with Brian!  Hopefully we can find the things we're looking for.  It's a hunting shopping day.  :-)

* nyc bb creme instant matte in light
* benefit erase paste in no 1 fair
* milani even touch powder foundation in shell
* wet n wild color icon blush in heather silk
* maybelline define-a-brow pencil in medium brown
* nyx control freak brow gel

* smashbox limitless eye liner in onyx (tightline)
* wet n wild color icon eyeshadow single in brûlée
* e.l.f. eye primer & liner sealer (sealer combined with shadow to line)
* black radiance eye shadow palette in downtown browns (right accent shade as liner)
* maybelline colossal volum' express waterproof mascara in classic black

* revlon colorstay lip butter in berry smoothie

Thursday, March 17, 2016

FOTD: Peach

And today's color is: peach!  I'm enjoying this light and springy look today.  I'm pleased with the makeup.  This hair though... I'm just not sure how I feel about it!  I mentioned yesterday that I went to get a trim and ended up with more of a hack.  I'm not sure if it's that I don't like the hair cut or if I'm just in "this isn't what I was expecting hair shock".  Hair shock is a thing, right?  I guess it's going to take a couple of days of getting used to this hair before I can decide how I feel about it.  Today I tried making it sort of textured and fun.  I like the way it looks but I'm just not sure if it's me, ya know?  Tomorrow I plan to wear it more straight so we'll see how I like it that way.

But back to the makeup.  I'm still on spring break and I've been going a lot simpler with my makeup lately since I've mostly been hanging out around the house.  But today hubby and I are going to go out to dinner and running some errands when he gets home from work.  He starts his spring break this afternoon so today and tomorrow we are planning to get some of our boring adult errands and chores taken care of together.  And eating some fried junk food!  :-)

* nyc smooth skin bb cream instant matte in light
* benefit erase paste in no. 1 fair
* milani even touch powder foundation in shell
* cover girl cheekers blush in pretty peach
* maybelline define-a-brow brow pencil in medium brown
* nyx control freak brow gel

* cover girl super sizer waterproof mascara in very black
* nyc high definition liquid eyeliner in extra black 
* smashbox limitless eyeliner in onyx (tightline)

* jordana easy liner for lips in pink love (to line lips)
* neutrogena moisture smooth color stick in fresh papaya

And if you were wondering what the hair looks like from the back, here it is!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

FOTD: Plum

Three days, three faces and today's color inspiration is plum.  Please excuse the fact that today's face is happy but the hair is sad.  It was wet and undone because I knew I was going to be heading out to get a hair cut after the photos.  It didn't turn out well for me at all.  I found out that my regular stylist no longer works at the salon I go to so I had to get someone else and I hate the way it turned out.  I feel like so many stylists don't listen to what I want and cut my hair the way they think it should look.  I asked for a 1" trim with long layers.  I don't feel like that's what I ended up with at all.  It doesn't look bad.  It's just not what I like, as it's making the longest layers in the back flip out all over the place but then the rest of it lays flat and normal.  I hate that about my hair and yet I feel like I always end up with my hair cut that way.  I seriously may start cutting my own hair.  Grrr.  Rant over.  Anyway, does any one have tips on how to cut your hair yourself or how I can better communicate to a stylist what I do (and definitely don't) want in a hair cut?

nyc smooth skin bb cream instant matte in light
benefit erase paste in no. 1 fair
milani even touch powder foundation in shell
jordana powder blush in blushing rose
maybelline define-a-brow brow pencil in medium brown
nyx control freak brow gel

cover girl super sizer waterproof mascara in very black

nyc high definition liquid eyeliner in extra black

essence lip liner in honey berry

jordana twist & shine moisturizing balm stain in cranberry crush

After hair cut.  Feeling 'meh' at best about it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

FOTD: Coral

Today's face was brought to you by the color coral.  That feels like an introduction to a Sesame Street.  Anyone remember when they would say something like, "Today's show was brought to you by the color blue!"  Ah, childhood.  This week I've been working on coordinating lip and cheek looks for an upcoming video and every time I do one I think of that from Sesame Street.  Well this beautiful coral lipstick started the whole idea of that video.  It's so gorgeous and springy!  I even managed to work in a coral striped shirt today.  :-)

* nyc bb creme instant matte in light
* benefit erase paste in no. 1 fair
* milani even-touch powder foundation in shell
* e.l.f. contour palette (bottom right shade as contour)
* e.l.f. blush palette in light (bottom right shade)
* maybelline define-a-brow in medium brown
* nyx control freak brow gel

* milani eyeshadow primer
* covergirl trunaked eyeshadow palette in nudes (champagne on lid, shell as highlight, fawn as transition, cocoa in crease and lower lashline)
* rimmel scandaleyes in nude (waterline)
* nyc high definition liquid eyeliner pen in extra black
* maybelline colossal volum' express in glam black
* cover girl super sizer waterproof mascara in very black


* jordana easyliner for lips in tawny
* wet n wild mega last lipstick in rose bud

Monday, March 14, 2016


Today's Face of the Day was inspired by the idea of a fresh red rosy lip.  I'm sporting soft red lips and a coordinating blush.  I was feeling like a natural, fresh look today and I love the way it turned out!

nyc smooth skin bb cream instant matte in light
covergirl ready set gorgeous concealer in fair
pixi brightening peach correction concentrate
milani even touch powder foundation in shell
e.l.f. studio blush in blushing rose
maybelline define-a-brow brow pencil in medium brown
nyx control freak brow gel

wet n wild take on the day eyeshadow primer
wet n wild eyeshadow single in brulee (highlight)
l'oreal infallible shadow in endless pearl (lid)
e.l.f. mineral infused mascara in black

revlon colorstay lip butter in candy apple

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Beauty Haul

This time my haul is not fun and random, but instead is fun and beauty related!  I ordered three items from Amazon that all came in the same day I stopped by Dollar General to pick up some greeting cards and somehow ended up in the makeup aisle.  It all came together to make up a nice little haul of all things beauty related.

Bed Head Dual Waver - I mentioned in this Instagram post how much I love wavy hair.  I'm so jealous of all types of waves: big loose waves, beachy waves, tousled waves, tight waves, you name it and I love all forms of wavy hair, especially as we near the warmer months.  I'm capable of French braiding my own hair enough to get some body waves just to add texture but sometimes I want something a bit more defined.  I liked that this waver had two different sizes for waves.  I got it for $22.31 on Amazon Prime. [exact]

Silicone Oven Grip - Wait, I thought all these items were beauty related.  An oven mitt?  Well, after reading NouveauCheap's review about how she used a similar grip to clean her makeup brushes, I thought that just seemed to genius so I picked one up to try out this coming weekend when I clean my makeup brushes.  Also from Amazon Prime.  [exact]

Cover Girl Super Sizer Mascara in Waterproof Very Black- Several people on YouTube lately have been suggesting that I need to try this mascara.  I actually tried to buy it last week but my local grocery store was out of the waterproof version and that's what I tend to prefer because it usually holds a curl better.  Today when I stopped in to Dollar General to pick up some greeting cards, I was thrilled that I found it and it was cheaper than at the grocery store too.  I can't wait to give this a try and I hope I like it as much as everyone else does! [on CG's website]

NYC High Definition Felt Tip Eyeliner in Extra Black - I already know I like this product but the tube that I currently have is starting to dry up a bit, after many months of use.  Since it's only $3.99 and available through Amazon Prime (I seriously have an addiction!), I decided to go ahead and order another tube, as I want to compare it to some other similar products.  [on NYC's website] [Amazon Prime]

Cover Girl Simply Powder Foundation in Ivory - During the warmer months, I often like to just wear powder foundation but I had used all of mine up.  Last week, I bought this powder foundation from Milani and was sorely disappointed with how the lightest shade was still too dark and yellow for me.  That same day I had tried to buy the Cover Girl powder foundation (along with that mascara) but they were all out of the lightest shade, which is how I ended up with the Milani.  Hopefully this shade will match me or else the hunt will continue.  I really should start buying more of my makeup from Ulta or CVS or some where that the return policy is easy if the shade doesn't match.  Anyone have suggestions?  [on CG's website]

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Liner Pairings for NYC Get It All Lip Color

I mentioned in my YouTube review of the NYC Get It All Lip Colors that I felt they needed a liner with them because the large bullet makes precise application difficult.  In this post, I've selected a liner for each of the colors I have, in case anyone else out there feels the need for a coordinating liner as well.

The first combination we have is NYC Get It All in Pinktastic and Essence Lip Liner in Cute Pink.

Next we have the NYC Get It All in Fabfuchsia and Milani's Color Statement Lip Liner in Fuchsia.

Reds were a bit easier for me to match.  I have the NYC Get It All in Incredible and the liner I chose was Jordana Easy Liner for Lips in Sedona Red.

Lastly and my absolute favorite of the bunch, we have NYC Get It All in Extraordiberry and the coordinating liner is from the Jordana Easy Liner collection in the shade Plush Plum.

I hope these swatches gave you some ideas on liners that work well with these lip colors.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Fun & Random Target Haul

In usual Friday night fashion, Brian and I went out to dinner and then made a stop in to Target before we headed off to the grocery store.  I needed a couple of skin care items but ended up with an assortment of fun and random stuff as well.

This is what I actually went into Target to get.  I was almost out of my moisturizer with SPF.  I picked up the Up & Up store brand version of the Olay Complete All Day Moisture SPF 15 Sensitive Lotion.  I've also used the Equate store brand version from Walmart and I find they both work well for me and cost far less than the Olay version.  However, my Target didn't have any Up & Up versions of the Olay Daily Facials.  It seems like Olay has changed these up a bit, as they now come in different levels of "clean" where they used to be for different skin types.  Now they have deep clean, daily clean, and gentle clean when they used to be oily skin, normal/combo skin, and sensitive skin.  I have pretty normal skin when it comes to oiliness so I went with the daily clean.

I was also in need of a replacement body lotion for my feet and legs, as the one I have right now I detest.  (I'll be talking about it in an upcoming video so stay tuned.)  I was looking for the Bodycology line of products but where they used to be in my Target, I found the display of these products instead: You Are Amazing.

They had a wide variety of different scents but I just wasn't sure yet about this brand so I decided to give a couple of travel size items a try instead of ending up with a large size that I might not like (travel size were $1.99 each).  I picked up the body lotion and also the body mist in the scents Juicy Grapefruit and Vanilla Bean.  I've used them a couple of times and so far the lotion is really creamy and moisturizing.  The scents are nice but don't last long, which can be a good thing sometimes.  I personally find lotions from Bath and Body Works last for a long time and are really strong but almost to the point of making me feel sick to my stomach.  The verdict is still out on whether I will repurchase the lotion in the larger size.  As for the body mist, to me it's a total pass.  The scent on that lasts for about five minutes and that's it.  After that I can't smell it on my skin or clothes.

And now for the totally fun and random part of the haul!  First, I picked up a shamrock garland.  I've decorated my office already for St. Patrick's Day but I have one space of wall that is bare and this will be the perfect size for that space.  I also bought a bunny ears headband.  Long story but in my office, I have this stuffed pig that came from a software company that we work with.  It's shaped basically like a fat dodge ball, completely round with tiny little feet and headbands go around it perfectly.  Penelope Pig will make a great bunny for Easter!  :)  And finally, I bought myself a headband that has wire in it in a cute coral polka dot pattern.  I'm not sure yet how I'll wear it but it was so cute I thought it was worth a try.

Those are the fun and random things I bought at Target!  I know I'm not the only one that goes in for a couple of things and ends up leaving with a bunch of totally weird items.  What fun stuff have you found at Target lately?

Thursday, March 3, 2016

FOTD, Shopping My Stash Drawer: March 2016 Video

* rimmel fix and perfect pro primer
* rimmel stay matte foundation in light ivory
* benefit erase paste in no. 1 fair
* l’oreal true match powder in n2: classic ivory
* nyc smooth skin loose face powder in translucent
* e.l.f. contour palette (bottom right shade as contour, top right shade as highlight)
* e.l.f. blush palette in dark (top right shade)
* sonia kashuk tinted brow gel
* e.l.f. makeup mist & set

* milani eyeshadow primer
* cover girl trunked palette in nudes (champagne on lid, shell under brow bone, fawn as crease transition, cocoa as crease shade and lower liner)
* smashbox limitless liner in onyx
* nyc high definition liquid eyeliner in extra black
* e.l.f. mineral infused mascara

* milani color statement lipliner in fuchsia

* nyc get it all lip color in fabFUCHSIA