Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rimmel Provocalips Swatches & Review

I know that I'm totally late to the party on finally trying out these Rimmel Provocalips.  I decided to review and swatch the four I have anyway, especially since a few of the shades that I own were hard to find swatches online.  Hopefully this can help out anyone that had trouble finding swatches before buying like I did.  :)

Product Claims:
Rimmel claims that this lip color is kiss proof, transfer proof, and food proof and will last for 16 hours. I agree with the kiss proof and transfer proof but I don't find that it can last through all meals, as it depends on what you're eating. Oil based salad dressings can definitely break this down but I find it can last through snacking on some fruits and veggies. Take that as you will. Let's look at my lips with no product first and then we'll take a look at the swatches.


Wish Upon a Berry is a light dusty rose, with the finest bit of shimmer.  It's actually one of my favorites because it's just a perfect your lips but better shade that is great for work without being super noticeable that you're wearing lipstick.  At least, it's similar to my natural lips but as you can see, I don't have very pigmented lips naturally.  It just adds a little something to my face that looks better than my lips do alone, in my opinion.

Make Your Move is a sort of light terra cotta color.  It surprised me because it looks like a creme finish in the tube but on the lips there is quite a lot of shimmer in this color.  Happily, I feel like this isn't a lipstick where the color fades but the shimmer stays.  It's a warm peachy neutral and while it's pretty wearable, it's actually my least favorite of the four shades I currently own.

I'll Call You is a pink creme shade that is my absolute favorite.  It's just the perfect pink lip color.  It's beautiful and gives your face life without being too in your face.

Play With Fire is an eye catching blue-based red.  It makes your teeth look whiter and definitely stands out.  I love that this red can be trusted not to end up on your teeth or smeared outside your lip line.

*I love that this product includes the balm step and you really can reapply it as often as you need to keep your lips hydrated.
* While I'm not 100% sold that the 16 hour wear time claims hold true, these can definitely hold up really well through most things.
* There is a pretty good color range from neutrals to bold shades.
* These are affordable and readily available at drugstores. 

* If you apply your own balm over this product, there is a good chance the color will reliquify and all bets are off then.
* If you're like me, you'll use way more of the step 2 balm than the step 1 color but step 1 has 0.14 fl oz (4 ml) and step 2 has 0.10 fl oz (3 ml). So at some point that seems like it could be an issue. 
* I've noticed that occasionally after a few hours of wear, the color can start to sort of pill on your lips but only if you've applied a little too much of the color initially. 

Would I recommend this product?
Yes! I really like that these are so low maintenance. I can wear them to work or for a special occasion without worrying about checking on my lipstick. If you haven't yet tried these, definitely give them a shot if you're looking for a long wear lip color at a great price!

If it lasts so long, how do I get it off?
I find that the Nyx Be Gone Lip Color Remover works really well to take this color off.  However, I also think that my Carmex Lip Balm does just as well as this and costs way less.  I'd say any emollient lip balm with that type of texture (think squeeze tube) would probably work.

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