Monday, February 15, 2016

elf Essential Lip Stain Swatches & Review

Back in December, I picked up an e.l.f. Essential Lip Stain in the shade Nude Nectar to wear for Christmas.  While it was not at all a nude shade, I did love the fact that it gave rich color without any worry about it getting on your teeth, kissing off, or smearing around on your face.  And for only two bucks, it was hard not to want to pick up more when there were so many pretty shades!  I ended up with four out of the six (every color that is sold in my local stores that carry e.l.f.) so I thought now would be a great time to share some lip swatches and my review on these inexpensive lippies.  However, if I can get my hands on the Fuchsia Fusion shade, I'll probably buy it eventually too!

How It Works:
The e.l.f. Essential Lip Stain is basically a felt tip marker where the color can easily be drawn on your lips with precision.  The color is a liquid, much like an actual marker.

Pink Petal is a bright pink.  It's quite similar to the color of my vest in the photo, but not quite as vivid.  I feel like it's a great neutral pink that doesn't lean too cool or too warm.

Pink Petal
Nude Nectar is not a nude at all, at least in my opinion.  I would call it more of a warm bronzish berry.  It's not what I was expecting but I found that I quite liked it!

Nude Nectar
Berry Blush is perfectly named.  It's a more cool toned, pink-purple berry and is one of my favorites of the bunch.  It's not too purple that it isn't wearable but I think it's just a delightful color for winter.

Berry Blush
Crimson Crush is a cool toned red, which serves great to make your teeth look whiter than they are!  I feel like this color is very old Hollywood glamorous.  It totally makes me want to listen to Taylor Swift and pretend to be as fantastic with red lips as she is.

Crimson Crush

* These lip stains can be a little tricky to apply because there isn't much margin for error.  Since they are a stain, if you make a mistake, you might be stuck with it for awhile so I recommend applying them slowly and carefully.
* They are quite drying.  The shine you see on my lips in all of these photos are because I put Carmex lip balm over top.  Even just applying them make my lips feel dry and parched.  However, if you want for the stain to dry (only takes a few seconds), you can apply a balm or gloss over top and it won't affect the staying power of the stain.
* The drying quality of them can cause some flaking of the color.  It's minor and I'm sure I'm the only one looking at my lips close enough to tell but sometimes it bothers me.
* They are really hard to get off when you want them to come off.  Nyx Lip Color Remover didn't take them off, though it did lighten them.  However, my Olay Daily Facials seems to take them off pretty well, though even after that I still see a tiny bit of color in some of the lines of my lips.
* Some of the markers are more dry than others and seem to have less "juice".  I can see these drying out at different rates, depending on how wet they were in the first place.  I don't find any of them to be so dry that they are hard to work with.

* The color lasts through drinking water or even coffee without transferring at all.
* The color doesn't get stuck to teeth, smear, or smudge at all.  You know you can trust it to stay put, which is especially great in the red color.  Red lipstick has always scared me, not because it's loud but because I had a teacher in junior high who perpetually had tons of red lipstick on her teeth.  It's not a good look for anyone and it's something that always made me apprehensive about red lip colors.
* The colors are beautiful!  While they're aren't a ton of colors, I feel like there is enough variety to be able to play and have different options.
* They are great for work!  I love feeling put together with a great lip color at work without having to worry about checking yourself in a mirror every five minutes to be sure you still look okay.

Would I recommend this product?
You bet!  For only two dollars, it's a low risk if you end up not liking it.  For me, these were a definite win and I've really been enjoying using them.

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