Sunday, December 13, 2015

Nail Polish Declutter

I spent some time this weekend rearranging and decluttering my makeup and this time I got down to the nitty gritty of sorting through my nail polishes as well.  I started by grabbing some boxes and moving all of my polishes away from the place where they live.  I find this helps me eliminate that "but I have room for it" idea.  After I counted, I was a little embarrassed to admit that I started out with 140 nail polishes... and I haven't painted my nails in over six months.  I was determined to cut that number in half.  I have a friend whose daughter will be receiving all my cast aways so I wasn't feeling bad about giving them to someone who would love them.

Gather polishes away from where they are stored.
Next, I moved all of the polishes onto my coffee table where I could easily see them all and sort them.

Place the polishes where you can easily see and sort them.

Next, I did just a quick sort, pulling out any polishes that I knew I was easily ready to give away without having to give any real thought to it.  I was able to eliminate 36 polishes during my quick sort.  Halfway to my goal already!
Quickly sort through items that you know you are ready to part with.
With the remaining polishes, I sorted them on my coffee table by color family or texture (metallics, glitters, etc) so I could easily see where I had multiple items that were really similar.

Sort remaining items by color family and texture.
Then I was able to eliminate items where I had several polishes that were extremely similar in color.  I also tried to think about if I really enjoyed the formula and the size/shape of the brush for application.  After some careful thought, I was able to reach my goal of cutting my collection in half!  It's also a little easier when you know the items you are getting rid of are going to go to someone else who will give them more love and will appreciate them.  I feel like what I have left is still enough for when I want to do nail art but it's way less overwhelming and pretty much everything I'm left with are items that I love and get excited about using.  Now if I can find someone to donate my clothes to... I've got to clean out my closet after the holidays!


  1. Whoever gets what you clean out of your closet is lucky--you've got great style!

    1. Thanks! I'll probably end up donating them to my one friend/coworker. She's like the exact same size and height as me and last time I cleaned out my closet, she was very grateful for my cast aways. :)