Thursday, December 31, 2015

Manicure: All Access Pass & Diamond Texture

I got a couple of new nail polishes for Christmas (Thanks hubby!) and I was just itching to try them out.  The first one I went for is the blurple color you see here.  The shade is from Essie and it is called All Access Pass.  In my photo above, it's looking a little more blue than it does in real life.  It was a difficult color to photograph accurately.  The other shade you see on my ring finger is Revlon's Diamond Texture, which is a really pretty silver glitter polish that I already had.

On my ring finger, I used an Elmer's glue base coat and the rest of my nails got a base of Sally Hansen Insta Dri Base Coat.  Two coats of polish went on each nail and then I followed it up on all of them with NYC In a New York Minute polish in Grand Central Station as a top coat.

I think this manicure turned out really pretty!  All Access Pass is a color that I never would have picked out on my own but it was a really unique shade and I ended up liking it more than I thought I would.  I already knew I loved the silver glitter.  Isn't silver supposed to mean prosperity in the New Year?  My mother-in-law always put a piece of silver in her windowsill in New Year's Eve so I'm putting silver on my nails.  Happy New Year!

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