Monday, December 28, 2015

Kohl's Gift Card Haul

For Christmas, I received multiple Kohl's gift cards.  I guess my loved ones really know my favorite place to shop!  I really wasn't in need of clothes and I didn't find much in my size anyway, but I did need some new shoes!  Here's what I bought.

I bought a pair of Keds Fuse Women's Comfort Sneakers.  I really hate the look and feel of sneakers but Brian and I are going to be doing some traveling this summer and I need a pair of shoes that are comfortable for lots of walking.  I hate spending my own money on sneakers because I dislike them and never wear them but these were much cuter than most athletic shoes in my opinion.  We'll see how I like the fit of them, as I usually find sneakers to be too narrow.

I also picked up this petite Croft & Barrow Essential Crew Neck Tee in Blue Moon.  I thought this was another basic piece that would be good for casual wear and it was the only color they had in my size.  My Kohl's petite clothing section was completely picked over.

Since the clothing section was so pitiful, I decided to pick up some Real Techniques makeup brushes.  I thought about getting this set but I felt like I already had a lot of brushes just like those that I didn't really use.  Instead, I opted for the Duo-Fiber Collection and also the Setting Brush.  I saw that Kohl's also had the Limited Edition white ferrule version of the Duo-Fiber Collection but I like the traditional packaging so I went for that instead.  I'm really excited to try these brushes out!  They are really soft and I think I'm going to love them.  I already have the Expert Face Brush and I use it pretty much every day for my foundation.  Do you have any Real Techniques brushes?  How do you feel about them?

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