Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Concealer Conundrum

I've had a bit of a concealer conundrum lately.  I have super dark circles under my eyes all the time.  I guess I just have very thin skin in that area and you really see my very dark blueish toned circles there all the time.  Lately, I haven't been sleeping so hot (getting back into a routine after being off for a week) so they've been even more noticeable.  While my Pixi Brightening Peach Correction Concentrate does an okay job of masking them, I just notice that it doesn't have the best staying power and now that I'm getting to be a little older, it seems to be looking a little more cakey and heavy after setting it with powder, which is necessary because without powder it looks tacky and draws attention.  I've been thinking of trying Benefit Erase Paste for awhile now but held off because of how expensive it is.  Seriously, I am so cheap.  But after my concealer wore off this morning in only two hours and I looked like I had two black eyes, I decided to take the plunge, knowing that if don't feel it's worth the price, I can return it to Ulta.  For twenty-six dollars, it better work a miracle.

On first impressions, I was quite impressed with the pigmentation.  Having experience with two drug store products that are very similar to this, Erase Paste definitely packs more punch in a smaller dose.  In addition to the Pixi corrector, I also have the Nyx Dark Circle Concealer, which I have not been impressed with at all.  I find that for me, it doesn't have enough coverage and it feels too greasy.  The Erase Paste is incredibly emollient, while not feeling greasy.  However, I did notice after applying it in the car that it seemed to pull very orange looking on me in natural light but I didn't have a powder with me to set it.  I also had Benefit's Boi-Ing Industrial Strength Concealer at one point in time (I've since finished it up and not repurchased it) but while it was a good concealer, it wasn't the miracle worker I had hoped it would be.

I'm really looking forward to testing this out and I hope it works!  Even though it's way more expensive than any product I've ever purchased for myself, if it works and has good lasting power, I think I would be happy.

PS: If you notice that the quality of these photos is greatly improved, it's because we bought Brian a nice digital camera on Black Friday and I used it for these photos.  We just got it in the mail today so I haven't gotten to play with it much but I think the photos look better already.


  1. I've been on the hunt for a good concealer too and I just ordered the Lancome effacernes waterproof one. I have three concealers and they're all drugstore (Maybelline fit me, age rewind, and my fav: Rimmel concealer+highlighter) and they're almost done so I thought I'd invest in a hopefully better one that will cover well and last all day. Price wise, it's almost the same thing: three drugstore concealers vs one high end but am really curious to see how it works on my skin. At least I can return it if it doesn't work out.

    1. M,
      I totally relate to your struggle! I just want one that lasts well and covers those circles. Let me know how you like the Lancome one.

    2. I ended up returning it. It didn't wow performed similar to my drugstore concealers so I didn't think it was worth the hefty price tag. I hear the LA Girl Pro Concealers are as good as MAC pro longwear but at the fraction of the cost. If you have access to that, you should try it. I will have to order from Amazon.


    3. I understand. Thanks for following up. I'm absolutely loving the Erase Paste! I've been really impressed by how long it lasts without needing touched up. For that reason alone, it's been worth the money to me.