Saturday, December 5, 2015

47 Days

Forty-seven days.  That's how much longer I'll be wearing braces.  Trying to contain my excitement here but wow!  It's been such a long journey and I'm just thrilled to finally have an end date in sight.  My teeth still aren't perfect because of what I ended up having to have done but the orthodontist assured me yesterday that the small gap remaining on the right side of my smile will be filled in with a composite because I had to have my right canine removed on that side and now my top and bottom teeth are not quite the same size.  He also assured me that because my right lateral incisor is smaller than the left lateral incisor, this will make my smile look more symmetrical and no one will be the wiser unless I tell them like I just told you.  As of right now, although it has been an incredibly long process and not the most fun thing I've ever done, I'm still really glad I did it.  I just feel so much more confident in my smile now.  My smile used to be one of my biggest insecurities and now I just want to show it off to everyone.  That being said... anyone have a recommendation for a great inexpensive red lipstick from the drugstore?  I plan on wearing the most beautiful bright red lip on January 22nd!

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