Sunday, October 11, 2015

Blush Palette

I feel like I've really been struggling with my morning routine this year.  My report time is earlier now than it used to be and my office is also farther away from my home so I have to be out the door early.  I found that shopping my stash has really helped.  Another thing that has helped has been using my palettes more, which keeps more items available to me in one place.  Last week, I depotted three Cover Girl blushes that weren't getting much use (even though I love them) and sort of made my own blush palette.  This has been so helpful!  Instead of digging through a basket to find the blush I want, I just pop open this palette, pick a blush and go.  I got rid of some of the older blushes that I never used and added in the three rectangular ones along the bottom.  They are Cover Girl Cheekers Blush in: True Plum, Soft Sable, and Classic Pink.  I actually really like these CG blushes.  They have just a little sheen so they add dimension to your face.  They aren't too bold for my fair skin so I don't have to worry about overapplying.  They are easy to depot by melting the packaging and they are already magnetic.  I plan on picking up a few more to add to my palette.  Do you have any tips for getting ready faster in the morning?


  1. I have had a lot less time to get ready lately too, and I've found that having a nice shimmery taupe cream shadow (especially in a pencil form) to use as a lid shade really helps. I don't have to top it off, it's fast, and it stays put. I also found a nice neutral crease shade that works well with it and then I just change it up by picking different crease colors, blushes, lipsticks, etc. I also like having a colored brow gel, because I can bulk up my brows without having to use as much pencil. Basically though, it just boils down to having less choices for myself in the morning, and (like you've done with the palette) making sure everything is easily within reach.

    1. Kaitlyn, Thanks! These are great tips. I should definitely pull out my cream shadows to use.