Sunday, September 20, 2015

Under, Over, In Between

Do you ever get coupons for stores in the mail?  I love it when that happens, except that most of the time it's 10% off your purchase or $5 off of $50, which to me is not even worth it to go to the store because I would just end up spending money I wouldn't have in the first place.  But last week I got a coupon for J.C. Penney for $10 off a $10 purchase, which is enough to get this cheapskate into a store.  I found this super cute knit shell at my local store for $10.19 on clearance, costing me less than a garage sale find.  Score!  I thought it was a great layering piece so today I was experimenting with how it would look layered.  I came up with a few different ideas to wear it under, over, or in between other pieces.

Under: An easy way to layer is to toss a cardigan on top of the shell.  A neutral cardigan works well but I think playing with complimentary colors would be fun too.

Over: For this look, I paired the shell (which I call a sweater vest.  Is that just me?) over a button down shirt.  This is the way I see myself wearing this top the most.  I just love the dressy and sort of nerdy way this looks.  It definitely reminds me of Amy from The Big Bang Theory.  And as a self-proclaimed nerd, I'm totally okay with that!  Maybe I'll wear it with glasses and a pencil skirt for good measure.  ;)

In Between: Finally, I have the shell as an in between layer, sandwiched between a chambray button down and a khaki blazer.  This is great for those days with big temperature changes because the outfit remains cute even if you have to shed some layers.  Take off the blazer and roll up the sleeves and you're still stylish.

Which way is your favorite way to wear a shell: under, over, or in between?

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