Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Outfit of the Day

Hello, friends!  I've missed you!  You might think that now that I don't have a classroom of my own that I would be less busy when school started back up for the kids, but nope!  I actually started July 20th and things some how got even busier the last two weeks when students and teachers came back to the schools.  I plan on doing a post updating on my job and what I do now as a Title I Specialist, as well as a sort of tour of my desk and office space at work.  (Spoiler: my desk has lots of pink on it!)  But for today, I have a Monday Outfit of the Day.

Today was a little crazy because I had organized a training where a software vendor came to our district and did a presentation on their software and then the teachers aligned the goals of the software with our district curriculum maps.  It was way busy today, setting up before the training, attending the training, and cleaning up afterwards, followed by some follow up work that was given to me by one of the vendors.  It was a crazy busy day!

I purposely picked out this pink cardigan for a few reasons.  1. The training room is always way cold so I wanted to be warm in layers.  2. The software mascot is a pink pig and my boss provided themed treats and decorated the room in pink!  I know how to dress for a themed software launch.

white 3/4 length collared shirt: Kohl's
pink 3/4 length cardigan: Belk
black trousers: J.C. Penney
black buckle wedges: Belk

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