Monday, June 8, 2015

May Empties

I know I'm not going to have time to do a May Empties video this week and I didn't have that many empties anyway, so I thought it would just be faster and easier for me to do a blog post instead.  Let's start with the hair and makeup products I finished.

1. Garnier Fructis Style Flat Iron Perfector Straightening Mist - I've been using this product for some time now.  I think this is the second or third bottle I've gone through and I've already repurchased it.  I love the way it protects my hair from heat without weighing it down.
2. Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo - This is an all time favorite product for me.  This dry shampoo gives my hair texture without feeling like it's too heavy with product and it absorbs oils for me like a charm.  And in my dark hair, it doesn't leave any weird white cast, no matter how much you use.
3. Bed Head TIGI After Party Smoothing Creme - I've used this item for a few years now when I want my hair to look shiny.  I haven't been using it every day lately because I've been going for a more matte, textured look lately.  (See #4 below)
4. Garnier Fructis De-Constructed Texture Tease - I've been using this product for about six weeks now and I really like how it gives texture without feeling greasy or heavy and it gives a matte finish.  It's really affordable but just be careful not to use too much or it can make your hair sort of stick together at the ends.  I've already gone through two full cans of this and I'm on my third.  The downside is that the cans are small but I always find them on sale at CVS for around $3.
5. Maybelline Define-A-Brow Pencil in Medium Brown - I think I go through one of these brow pencils about every four to six weeks.  It feels like I'm always buying one but they really do the job and seem to match my brows pretty well.

And next we'll move on to skin care items.

6. Olay Daily Facials - Each night, these dry clothes get dampened and help me take off my makeup.  They do a great job of removing almost everything (including waterproof mascara).
7. Benzoyl Peroxide Treatment (16 oz.) - I use this giant bottle of benzoyl peroxide morning and night to help prevent acne.  It's pretty pricey, running over $40 a bottle with shipping on but I only have to buy it twice a year and it really does a great job of keeping my face clear.  If you're struggling with acne, I suggest checking out  They do sell their own products but they also recommend ones from the drugstore that you can use to clear your acne.  It was the only thing that worked for me and I swear by it now.
8. Top Care Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes - For any stubborn smudges of leftover eyeliner or other eye makeup, I use these store brand makeup wipes that I get at my local Winn-Dixie.  They don't irritate my sensitive eye area and they are almost always on sale.  I like them better than all of the other more expensive competing brands that I've tried.

Those are my May empties!  I'm pretty sure I'm going to have more products to share when June is over, seeing as it's only June 8th and I already have three products that I've used up.  

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