Friday, April 10, 2015

My Most Used Eye Brushes

I'm back for round 2 of my most used brushes and today I'm talking about eye brushes.  Again, I use a lot of other brushes as well but these are the ones I reach for on a daily basis, no matter what eye look I'm wearing.

1. e.l.f. Studio Eyeshadow "C" Brush - I use this brush to apply my highlight shade.  I don't really think it's any better than their Essential Eye Shadow Brush but I like that I can tell the two of them apart.  Is that weird?  I feel like it is.  ;)
2. Soho Crease Brush - I don't see this brush on the Soho website any more, so I linked the title to a previous blog post I had written that gave a lot of detailed information about this brush.  I really like it as a blending brush because it's soft and really big and fluffy.
3. e.l.f. Essential Eye Shadow Brush - I love this brush more than any other I've tried for packing color on the lid.  I will say though that not all of these brushes are created equal.  I've had three different brushes identical to this one and one was cut crooked and the other shed like crazy but this one is awesome.
4. e.l.f. Essential Concealer Brush - I know this is meant to be for concealer but I like to use this tiny brush to apply highlight to the inner corner of my eyes.  Its tiny size lets it get into fine places with precision.
5. Sonia Kashuk Smudge Brush #105 - This is another tiny brush.  I love this one for smudging shadow under my lower lash line.  This one is similar in size to the e.l.f. concealer brush, but the bristles are stubbier and shorter and have less flexibility so I feel like I get more control under the lashes.  It's also good for smudging out liner on your top lashes for a softer liner look.
6. Essence of Beauty Crease Brush - So I can't seem to find a link to buy this on the Internet.  Sad!  I hope this set is still available because it's just an awesome brush.  It came in a set of two crease brushes and I find this larger of the two is the perfect size for me for applying my crease shade without it being muddy looking.  It's precise enough to get the shadow exactly where you want before you blend.

What are your most used makeup brushes?  Anyone have some good drugstore brush recommendations?


  1. I love the essential eyeshadow brush, too! That and the Sonia kashuk fluffy eye shadow brush are my top favorites. I also like the concealer brush, but I use it as a lip brush. I may have to get another one for eyeshadow. I would recommend the elf essential angled crease brush (it may be called the defining brush? I got it at the dollar store) as it's not only good for a precise crease, but I have also use it to create some pretty cool wing/outer-v looks. I am in the market for a nice, fluffy blending/crease brush, so I'll have to try your recommendations! 

    1. Maria, I think I might have that elf crease brush somewhere! It seems familiar to me. I'll have to check my other brush cup.