Sunday, March 22, 2015

Travel Makeup Bag

I didn't get to post my makeup bag recap this week because with our trip to Pennsylvania, I was tossing makeup all around trying to find some products that would be travel friendly.  I did think to take some pictures of what I took when I got back so I thought I would share that instead.  Since we flew carry on only and were only in town for a few days, I wanted to pack as light as possible.  Also, I thought it would be helpful for myself to reflect on what I packed and what I might do differently next time... in case there ever is a next time.

1. Ecotools powder brush: This short stubby powder brush did a great job of applying face powder all over.
2. Stipple blush/bronzer brush: I used this brush to apply blush.
3. Angled blush/bronzer brush: This brush did a great job of applying bronzer all over the face as well as for contouring my cheeks.
4. Mini powder brush: This brush was perfect for setting my under eye concealer with powder!  I would definitely use this again for that purpose.
5.  e.l.f. essentials blending brush: I used this as an eye contour brush.  If I did this again, I would not take this brush.  It's just so scratchy that it actually irritated my sensitive eyes.  I much prefer my Essence of Beauty crease brush and next time I would take it instead.
6. Angled liner brush: This did the trick for smudging out my liner on my top lashes but I mostly used it to apply shadow on my lower lash line.  It worked well.
7. flat shadow brush: This particular shadow brush was a little too flimsy for me and made it take a little longer to pack shadow on the lid.  Next time I'll probably just take my trusty e.l.f. essentials shadow brush instead.
8. Ecotools crease brush: This brush made a great blending brush for my eyes.
9. Spoolie: Perfect for brushing through my brows.  I actually set my brows with a bit of hairspray and that worked well for me.

1. Physician's Formula Organic Wear 2-in-1 Bronzer and Blush in Light Bronzer/Pink Rose: This product worked great as a dual purpose blush/bronzer.  I would definitely take it on another trip.  The only thing I didn't like is the flimsy plastic cover got a bit messed up from my lash curler poking it so maybe next time I'll think ahead to place it in my bag upside down.
2. Maybelline Mineral Power Pressed Powder in Light: This worked just fine and didn't take up much space.
3. Rimmel BB Cream in Light: About this.  So I didn't have enough room in my one quart bag for a foundation and a day time moisturizer with SPF so I thought this would be a great combination product.  I literally bought it on the way to the airport.  Little did I know, it's not very moisturizing at all.  It's actually rather dry and way too dark for me.  I made it work while I was away by mixing it with a bit of my night time moisturizer (Cetaphil moisturizing lotion) and that gave me a nice dewey effect, which worked well in the colder climate of Pittsburgh in March and also sheered the color out a bit.  In Florida, that would make me look greasy though.  For future reference, I think I could just squeeze a little of my Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation into a contact case.  A tiny bit of that stuff goes a long way and then I would have had room for a moisturizer too.  Live and learn.
4. Savvy Satin Eye Shadow in Vintage Wines: This tiny trio was awesome to travel with!  It's compact but the shades are also really easy to apply and blend and could give you a nice natural look or something a little bit darker, depending on where you put the shade.  It worked out great and I would definitely travel with it again!
5. Pixi Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach: I can't leave home without my dark circle concealer.
6. Mini Too Faced Travel Insurance: This bitty baby size works great for travel.
7. Hard Candy Concealer Pencil in Light: I brought this to use on my lower waterline but after using Rimmel Scandal Eyes in Nude for awhile, this seemed way drier and more painful.  Next time I'll take my Nude liner, since it doesn't take up much room anyway.
8. Maybelline Define A Brow in Medium Brown: My current go to brow product.
9. Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Pencil Liner Nudes (Pewter shade): This worked out great to define my eyes.  The shimmer makes it quick because it can mask any small imperfections in the liner.
10. Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara Waterproof in Classic Black - This worked out great because it rained for half the time we were in PA.  Also holds a curl really well.  I wear this a lot in the hot, humid Floridian summer and I was reminded how much I love it on this trip.  I need to get a new tube, as this one is pretty much empty.
11. Avon Ideal Flawless Concealer Stick in Fair: I brought this in case I had any breakouts but luckily I didn't need to use it while we were away.  Good thing, because it was a totally different shade and texture than the BB cream I brought.
12. lash curler and Q-tips: Must haves!  Glad I brought these.

I also forgot that I brought one of my favorite lipsticks, Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate in 08. I wore it every day and loved how it brought some life to my face without looking over done for family time. I would definitely bring it again. 

Do have any products you would recommend for travel?  I might keep my eyes peeled for a blush/bronzer duo with a sturdier lid, as that was so convenient except for the almost hole I poked in the compact lid.  Anyone have suggestions for a rosey blush and light matte bronzer duo?


  1. The elf blush palettes are great. You have four shades and the packaging is slim and compact. The mirror in the compact is nice too. I have a work trip coming up and I'm debating on what I want to take. I really don't want to take a lot of stuff. We'll see how that goes.

    1. I've been debating on those elf blush palettes. They look really nice! I'm sort of holding off to see if they come out with single blushes or bronzers that you can pop in or out of the palette. I'd love to sort of build my own.