Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Short Lived Manicure

While I was in Pennsylvania, I found these fun Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips on sale at KMart for $2.24.  They were really fun and gave me something to do at my parent's house so I picked them up.  I always love trying these salon effects because they are pretty easy and quick and don't require a lot of products.

Sometimes I have trouble with these salon effects though.  I've found that for me at least, I don't feel like they are all created equal.  I've used some that I struggled to apply and some that applied really easily.  These fell somewhere in the middle for me.  They weren't too bad but I did end up with some creasing on a few nails.  I do wish I had remembered to wipe down my nails with some polish remover first though.  As you can see in this thumb shot, the edges of the stickers didn't seal well and the downfall of this manicure was that the edges caught in things like my hair and peeled off.  I also had trouble sizing them because I didn't have my cuticle scissors with me.  Normally if I do these at home, I can trim up one that's slightly too big until it's a better fit.  I ended up redoing the thumbs after this photo.

This manicure only lasted about two days on me before the tips and edges were peeling and chipping off.  I didn't have top coat to seal it.  Over all, I loved the way this design, Out of Line, looked on me.  If I could find them again, I would definitely repurchase them (for $2.24, not $10) just to see if I could do a better job at my own house, with all my normal tools and products.  If nothing else, they gave me something to do at my parents house and looked pretty for a couple of days.

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