Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Nexxus Mousse Plus Review

Sorry for the silence on the blog for the last several days.  We had a death in the family and we flew out to Pittsburgh from Friday to Monday so that we could be there for the viewings and funeral but we are back home now.

I bought this mousse back in January in a travel size to try out.  Now that I've used the entire can, I feel that I can review it.  

Pros: A 2 oz. can lasted me more than six weeks, even though I was using quite a lot of the product each day.
Cons: I didn't notice much additional volume in my hair.  However, I wasn't really expecting much volume as these sort of products never really seem to give me volume on their own.  What I was hoping for was just some added texture to my hair that makes it a little less fine and soft feeling so that when I style it I can get some added volume.  With this product, I didn't seem to notice much difference at all.  I also really did not like the way it smelled, which to me was sort of masculine and strong.  Like spraying old man cologne in your hair.
Would I repurchase?  To be honest, I wasn't impressed and I would not repurchase this item.  The full size is around $14 and I just really feel it's not worth it.  I think there are better mousse products out there for a lower cost.  However, for the travel size, I have already repurchased it for my trip back to Pittsburgh simply because it was the only hair mousse that was TSA approved for size.  I left the rest of the can at my in-laws for our next trip so I wouldn't have to purchase it again, since I knew it would last more than long enough for a week long trip.

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