Monday, March 30, 2015

Manicure Monday

After my last try of using the Sally Hansen Salon Effects, I really wanted to give it a try at home when I had the proper tools to really do the manicure correctly.  I wanted to paint my toenails, since it's getting to be sandal season here in Florida.  While I was doing my nails in Pennsylvania, my mom had mentioned that the Salon Effects strips were so long you could probably do your fingers and your toes with one set.  I decided she was a genius so I gave it a try!

I used this design, called Disk-O-Queen, which I think may have been discontinued, since I bought it at Bealls Outlet awhile ago.  I really liked the way this looked with the sort of half moon and the glitter without the mess.  They applied really easily, with no creases and on my fingers, they lasted for five days, which is really very good on me.  It's been over a week on my toes and they are still looking great there!  To do both my fingers and toes, I just first peeled off the plastic strip on top, then cut the strips in half.  To get a strip that fit my smaller toe nails, I just cut the strip down to size with cuticle scissors.

I will definitely be trying more of these Salon Effects on both my fingers and toes at the same time!  It was fun to have a matching mani and pedi and I felt like I really got my money's worth out of those Salon Effects.

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