Monday, February 23, 2015

Totally Monday OOTD

Today was totally Monday.  As in, no amount of coffee is enough and boy howdy, do I hate the world and why can't it be Saturday every day.  I was very crabby to go back to work after far too short of a weekend that involved far too much getting stuff done around the house... and my house is still dirty.  I didn't feel relaxed yesterday and didn't sleep well last night.  So photo taking at 6:00 this morning went something like this:

Photo 1 - Completely out of focus, blurry, and unusable.  Is that a sasquatch?

Photo 2 - This time cut off my feet.  Try to take another photo with my feet in the shot.

Photo 3 - Overcompensate and cut off my head.  Realize the coloring of the pants is way off from real life.  (They are navy, not cobalt.)  Good enough, because if I don't get going, Monday morning at work is going to be even worse than it already will be.

So you get photos two and three.  If you put them together, you'd get one decent photo.  On the plus side, there's only one Monday each week.

striped tee: Banana Republic Factory
mocha cardigan: Papaya
navy straight leg chinos: Walmart
brown knot flats: Rack Room Shoes


  1. Do you wear full nylons, knee highs, or nothing on your legs when you wear pants? Its been so cold where I am (Delaware) I'm wearing thick tights under my pants every day!

    1. Oh my! Well I live in Florida so socks are all I need! Stay warm and I wish you some spring weather soon!