Monday, February 9, 2015

More Changes

This weekend I made some more changes to my makeup area.  After using my new set up for a few weeks, I had realized there were a few things that just weren't working for me.  Namely, my lip products were too high up on the shelf and difficult for me to see or even access while I was sitting in my makeup chair.  Also, I had noticed that some of my lip glosses were leaking from being stored on their side.  I really wanted to find an inexpensive way to make them easier to see, reach, and therefore use.  I'm actually really pleased with the idea I came up with!  It was very inexpensive and I think it's very user friendly as well as aesthetically pleasing.  I'll have a separate, detailed post about some of the items but let's look at some of the general changes I made since my last update here.

On the top shelf, you can see I swapped out the black and white box for the Paris book box.  You'll see why in a moment.  The second shelf is a rather big change.  I moved my nail polishes up a shelf, removed the red drawers, and moved the makeup sign and basket behind it.

And here you can see the biggest change, which is the bottom shelf that you're seeing in this photo.  I actually removed all of my lip products from the black and white drawers and put them all on display, along with some cream blushes.  The white and black box fit behind my lipstick organizer perfectly and it props the cream blushes up high enough that you can see them now.  Also, a wire add on shelf holds another white and black box with empties in it.

Finally, the last changes are around this set of drawers.  I moved the stuff that was on the very top shelf so that my palettes could really take center stage.  My self tanning items are now just to the side of the drawers.  I moved my clock over to here so I could see it better and also put all of my mascaras on display in an old glass I had around the house.

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