Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Makeup Storage Solutions

Yesterday I posted about some general changes that I made to my makeup storage area and today I want to focus in specifically on some budget friendly makeup storage solutions that I came up with.  I redid this whole area for less than $30 and really made it something that works better for me and is also pretty!

For starters, I purchased the hanging wire basket from Amazon.  This was my most expensive piece but I had to find something that worked with my space.  The way this book case is constructed causes the bottom shelf to be ridiculously tall and it wastes so much vertical space.  This wire shelf slides on to the existing shelf without taking up any valuable space.  I already had the white and black photo box, which now holds my empties.

Then if you look in the center of the above photo, there is a cute little lipstick organizer.  I was stalking Amazon for one of these and it popped up one day available for Amazon Prime shipping and I jumped on it.  I'm so happy I did!  It's small but holds 24 lipsticks and displays them really nicely.  In this photo, it's not even full because I have several in my weekly makeup bag right now.  I particularly like that this organizer is sort of tiered so you can see the lipsticks in the back as well.

Behind the lipstick organizer is a black and white box that I believe came full of Ulta brand makeup.  It was a gift from my husband for Christmas and while the makeup is now in my Z palettes, I kept the box because it was really cute and functional.  It holds some watches, earrings, and other accessories that I don't wear that often.  It fit perfectly into the space here to prop up my glass of cream blushes so that's really the only reason it is there.  Otherwise the blushes are too low and hidden behind the lipsticks.  The blushes are being held in a Roman urn glass candle vase from Dollar Tree.  To the right of the lipstick organizer is another glass from Dollar Tree that's holding my tinted lip balms.

Now, to my absolutely favorite part of this area, the lippie lazy Susan!  I really wanted a great way to store all of my lip glosses and overflow lip products.  My requirements were that it be affordable, cute, store all of my glosses standing up so they didn't leak, and I wanted to have easy access to all of my products.  One day this week, on the way to work in the early morning hours, it dawned on me to just use some glass containers on an inexpensive lazy Susan.  I love love love how this turned out!

Here's what it looks like from above.  First, the lazy Susan.  It has a rubbery grip so nothing slides around.  There is also a lip around the edge that keeps things from flinging off when you spin it.  Next, the three large square containers were something I found in the candle section of Dollar Tree.  They are really heavy duty but this lazy Susan is hefty enough to hold them.  The three smaller containers were just random things I had around the house.  The one holding my three Maybelline Shine Sensational lip glosses was a small Bath and Body Works candle that I melted and cleaned the jar.  The one holding my four mini glosses is actually a sorority shot glass I had from college but never use now (go Delta Zeta!) and the small glass and metal container is a votive holder that Brian brought me back from his travels to Ireland years ago.  I love that I can just grab a container and dig through it to find what I want.  The three larger containers are sort of organized by colors: light pink/rose and nude, peach and coral, and red, berry, and bright.  And the grand total for this lazy Susan lippe holder was under $10 for me!

hanging wire basket from Amazon: $9.97 (exact)
lipstick organizer from Amazon: $7.39 (exact)
Roman urn glass vase/candle holder from Dollar Tree: $1.00 (exact)
lazy Susan turntable from Target: $5.99 (exact)
four square glass candle holders from Dollar Tree: $4.00 (exact)
random empty glass containers from around the house: $0.00
Total Amount Spent: $28.35

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