Monday, February 2, 2015

Budget for February

The last week of January wasn't the greatest for us.  Several unexpected expenses caused our savings account to be diminished to far lower than what we are happy with.  (Do cars always require costly repairs just as they are about to be paid off?  It's like they know or something.)  In an attempt to replenish our savings, hubby and I came up with a tighter monthly budget and decided on an amount we want to put into savings each week.  One of the things we decided was to tighten up our nonessential spending.  Seeing all the stuff I hauled in January, this seemed like a good place to start.  We agreed on a $150 spending limit each,  which includes things like hair products, makeup, nail polish, clothes, and entertainment.  (We are including any skin care items as part of our monthly grocery bill, since acne products and SPF are kind of essentials to us.)  We also have a friendly husband-wife competition to see who can spend less.  There is no prize for the winner, just bragging rights, but I'm sure I'm going to win.  I know how to pinch a penny!  I do have a couple more things to share that I bought in January before all this car trouble began but February is expected to be much more conservative.

So I'm wondering, how do you save money?  I'd love any tips for saving on clothes or makeup or even groceries!  I'll also be posting every so often on how the budgeting is going.  Wish me luck!

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