Friday, January 30, 2015

Z Palettes

I posted yesterday about my makeup station redo.  One of the other things I did was to order a new Z Palette, with the intent of depotting some of my makeup that was in larger packaging.  I thought the Z Palette would help to declutter my area a bit by consolidating.  I ordered my Z Palette from Amazon.  This is what came with it.

Along with the actual palette, it also came with metal stickers precut into squares and circles.  This is handy if the eyeshadow or blush you depotted doesn't stick to the palette.  It also came with some pretty handy instructions on how to depot your makeup.  However, the instructions aren't all that clear.  After really struggling with a couple of items, I ended up looking to YouTube for help.  I ended up completely shattering and throwing away two blushes but I didn't love either one and they were only $1 each anyway.  I found this video, this video, and this video to be quite helpful.  I seriously wrangled this Avon quad (shown below) before I was able to get it out.  I did quite a bit of damage to the two matte shades but they are still usable.

My original plan was to have one Z Palette with blushes and one with shadows but now the blush one isn't so full since I broke those two blushes.  I might depot some other blushes to add to it but right now, I needed a break from depotting after the great Avon quad wrestling match.  Below I've listed what I currently have in each of the two Z Palettes I own.

Eyeshadows in Z Palette:
1: matte white (from Wet N Wild Pride palette)
2: shimmer white (from Wet N Wild Pride palette)
3: Wet N Wild single in Envy
4: matte blue (from Wet N Wild Pride palette)
5: Savvy Satin Shadow in Iced Peach
6: Savvy Satin Shadow in Burgundy
7, 8, 9, 10: Avon quad in Blushing Raisins
11: Ulta Eyeshadow Single in Molten
12: Ulta Eyeshadow Single in Amethyst
13: Ulta Eyeshadow Single in Gunmetal
14: Ulta Eyeshadow Single in Truffle
15: Ulta Eyeshadow Single in Calla Lily
16: Ulta Eyeshadow Single in Peacock
17: Ulta Eyeshadow Single in Silk
18: Ulta Eyeshadow Single in Sage
19: Ulta Eyeshadow Single in Sunburst
20: Mark Kay Mineral Eye Color in Amber Blaze
21, 22, 23, 24, 25: the only shades I used from the e.l.f. 32 Everyday Basics Palette

Blushes in Z Palette:
1: Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Talc Free Mineral Blush in Blushing Glow
2: Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Talc Free Mineral Blush in Natural Glow
3: Ulta Cheek Color in Afterglow
4: Ulta Cheek Color in Sweet Cheeks
5: Ulta Cheek Color in Sunkissed
6: Ulta Cheek Color in Infatuation

Do you have any tips for depotting makeup?  I found that on the Physician's Formula blushes, all I had to do was squirt a bit of rubbing alcohol along the sides and they popped right out but all the other things gave me a heck of a time!  Is melting the package the easiest way to get hard to depot items out?  I'd love any suggestions!

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  1. When I did my depotting awhile ago, I just used a skinny flat iron. It's a low-budget model (I think its a Conair?) so it didn't get super hot. That way I was able to get the packaging hot enough to melt the glue without melting the packaging itself.