Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Shop, Don't Buy

Saturday a friend and I went out for some shopping and much needed girl time.  We were walking around in Ulta and I was strongly trying to resist the urge to buy all the things.  There were so many new and fun items just calling to me.  Then when I got home I spent the evening watching makeup videos on YouTube.  Bad idea when you're trying to save money!  So I decided that instead of buying a bunch of new stuff I don't need, I would shop through my stash of stuff I already own.  Turns out there's a lot of great stuff being neglected.  Here's what I picked out to use.

Row 1: bronzers/highlights
revlon color stay mineral finishing powder in brighten
nyc  smooth skin bronzing face powder in sunny
physician's formula healthy wear bronzer in fair

Row 2: blushes
hard candy blush crush baked blush in living doll (trial size)
elf studio blush in pink passion
maybelline  mineral power naturally luminous blush in original rose
physician's formula  organic wear blush and bronzer duo in light bronzer/soft ginger
nyc blush able creme stick in plaza pink

Row 3: eye shadows
black radiance eye appeal shadow collection in downtown browns
wet n wild ultimate expressions eye shadow palette in paradise cove
almay intense I - color powder  shadow in trio for greens

Row 4-5: lip products
rimmel lasting finish lipstick in airy fairy
revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in honey
nyc extreme lip glider lip gloss in carnegie melon


  1. Nice! My friend text me on New Year's Eve and was like what are you doing. In my mind I said yut oh lol. We ended up going to Ulta and Sephora. I didn't go crazy. I did good by putting some stuff I had in my hand in Sephora back and just got 2 items. My plan is definitely to shop my stash more this year. I'm returning a palette that I got last month. I'm just not wowed by it and bought into the "hype" of it.

    1. That's how I feel about a lot of things I buy. I just have so so much makeup. I swear I couldn't use it all in a lifetime!

  2. Yesss!!!! I used to love watching your weekly makeup stash videos when you made them! There's a pretty amazing (and growing) community of YouTubers that are really focused on working through their makeup stash. The first one I started watching was Amber F. She actually used up every last bit of her Naked palette! It was amazing! There's lots of fun little mini challenges that this community is doing (finish 5 by fall, 6 by Christmas, 7 by spring, etc) that are really inspiring! You might take a look at Amber's videos. She also has some pretty good tips for makeup application when you wear glasses full time. I don't comment much, thanks to my kids and a serious lack of focus, but I read all of your posts. Thanks so much for sharing your life with us!

    1. Lindsey, First of all, thanks for reading! I will definitely have to check out Amber's channel. I feel like sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in the "latest, greatest" makeup and I was ending up with way more than I need or even really want! Now that I'm not tutoring after work, I have a lot more free time to do stuff like watch videos. :)