Thursday, January 29, 2015

Makeup Station: Before & After

I mentioned a bunch of times how I gave my makeup station area a makeover.  It's still a work in progress as I use it and assess what is and isn't working for me but here are some before and after photos of the biggest changes I have made so far.

Here you can kind of get the general picture of what I'm working with.  I have a set of craft drawers on the far left and my small makeup desk in the center.

Finally, on the far right is an end table and a bookshelf that house some decorative items and some overflow.  Before I did any rearranging I dusted the entire area, which was just covered in makeup dust and was desperately in need of a cleaning.  Then the real work began!  Let's take a closer look at some of the changes.

First, I reorganized the set of colored drawers.  I donated or threw away a lot of items and also consolidated drawers.  I now have four entire drawers that are completely empty so I've got some room to grow if I want or I could rearrange again later if what I've done isn't work out for me.  I also got rid of the acrylic organizer behind the tissues.  It was actually cracked in four different places and just wasn't the best use of the space.  All the items in it ended up so far away that I had trouble reaching them and therefore they were getting neglected.  The biggest change you see is that I've replaced that organizer with a simple bag that houses the makeup I've selected to use for the week.  I like that it has handles because I can just grab it and take out or put in whatever I need.

This turn table is right in the easiest to access part of my makeup station.  Yet the majority of the stuff that was originally on it was stuff I never used or empty containers.  What was I thinking!  When I redid it, I put all the items I use the most within easy access.  Face and eye brushes I use daily, Q-tips, my skin care items, bobby pins, pencil sharpeners, and my favorite lip products, which are currently tinted lip balms.  I ended up raiding other rooms of my house or other parts of my makeup station for containers and I didn't have to spend a dime!

The biggest changes I made to the right side of my makeup station were just rearranging some things.  I moved the earring stand somewhere else in my room because I never wear those earrings.  I also moved the lamp so it's out of the way but still gives me the extra light I need.  I moved the two storage boxes that I never use and instead put my palettes in view and within reach as well as my perfumes.  I also left space for my tablet to sit on my makeup station so I can watch YouTube videos as I get ready.  It's really convenient when I'm trying to follow a tutorial or just to listen to some music while I get ready.  Also, I have my new clock and new acrylic makeup tote.  That tote (on the desk shelf under my tablet) holds all the items I plan to wear for that day.

Here you can see how much more convenient the new location for my tablet is.  Also, the striped box is what I used to use to hold my weekly makeup items that I would pick out.  I like that my new bag has so much more space so I can pick out more items to try to use.  And it allows me to open my two sets of drawers much more easily now.  The drawers hold the majority of my eyeshadows (anything that isn't a palette).  That bottom pull out door of the desk holds extra items like small makeup bags and extra products like dry shampoo, hairspray, and some bath stuff.

When I'm sitting in my makeup chair, this little end table is to my immediate right.  I have a little CD player and radio for emergencies (tropical storms/hurricanes) on the bottom shelf.  It can run on batteries or be plugged in.  Above it in the drawers, I store my blushes, highlighters, and bronzers.  On top of the drawers (on the spice rack) I used to hold a bunch of bronzing items that I never used and then my skin care items.  I got rid of all the bronzers I don't use (most of them were expired) and moved my larger palettes so they are more easily accessible and easier to see.  And obviously, the moisturizers are now on my turn table.

On the top shelf here, you see I moved the palette rack and also put all the DVDs back downstairs where they belong.  Funny how things migrate in my house!  And those decorative boxes that were just taking up space before on my makeup desk are now a lovely sight instead of a pain in the butt.  On the second shelf, I peeled off all the labels, which were falling off already.  I tossed or moved a bunch of stuff on this shelf because I actually store stuff I use behind the drawers and also behind my makeup sign.  And in the top of the one set of drawers I put some samples that I usually keep for traveling.  My Smashbox Click You're It palette isn't buried anymore!  I moved the basket that used to hold my daily makeup back behind my inner beauty sign and it's holding some nail stamping plates and some boxes.

On this third shelf, the only real changes I made were to move or toss the clutter to the right of my polishes.  Instead, I just left my book box for decoration.  Now I can actually see and enjoy it!

Those are the changes I've made for now!  As I said, I'm still tweaking a few things and trying to find exactly what will work for me.  If you have any suggestions for ways that you store makeup, I would love to hear them!  My main goal was just to get the things I use everyday within reach and to declutter my space.  It's not perfect but it's working a lot better than before.  If there are any items you would like more details on, just leave me a comment here or on my Facebook page.

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