Tuesday, January 13, 2015

In a Rut: Rethink Makeup

After watching this video from EmilyNoel83, I've come to the realization lately that I am in quite a makeup rut (life rut?).  For the past few months, I've been working a lot and then traveling and things like looking nice and eating healthy just got put to the back burner.  A new year is always a good time to try to rethink things so I've taken some of Emily's advice to get out of my rut.  One of the ways I plan to start is by rethinking some of my makeup.

I went through my stash and picked out a few items that could help me to fix problems I was having in the skincare and makeup department.

1. elf Studio SPF 45 Sunscreen UVA/UVB Protection - I've had this powder for far too long.  I never use it because it's way too dark and way too orange for me.  However, the current powder that I'm using to set my undereye concealer is way too powdery and is really settling in to fine lines in my currently dry skin.  I find the orange tone in this actually helps to correct my dark under eye circles without being noticeably orange.  I used a small container to depot it, since the original packaging is huge and awkward for what I'm using it for.  I was able to fit all the powder I had left into the small clear and blue container.

2. Cover Girl Aqua CG Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 in Fair to Light - As I mentioned yesterday, my skin is so weirdly dry and tight right now.  I normally don't wear cream or powder foundation but I've had this tinted moisturizer kicking around and I figured the extra moisture could only help me right now and it would also provide me with a way to use up a product that was otherwise neglected.

3. Hard Candy Glow All the Way in Doll Face (sample size), 4. Nyx Rouge Cream Blush in Glow, and 5. e.l.f. Small Stipple Brush - I love the shade of this cream blush but I haven't used either the blush or highlighter in ages because I find them a bit difficult to apply and blend out well.  I purchased the small stipple brush at Target and it's the perfect way to apply these products.  And cream products are also nice to use when your skin is dry.

6. Essence of Beauty Crease Brush - I've been really disappointed lately with how muddy and sloppy my eye looks have been.  I've actually been taking the time and effort to wear a darker shade in my crease.  When I looked at this brush, it totally hit me that my crease shade wasn't looking good because the brushes I was using were too big for the shadows I had picked out.  Sometimes with a deeper crease shade, you just need more precision and this little guy is great for that.  It came in a set of two crease brushes and is the larger of the two.

Just these few little ideas have really helped me to be more excited to put on my makeup in the morning.  I even put some music on my tablet so I can listen to some songs while I get ready in the morning.  Music makes everything feel less like a chore.  What do you do to stay out of a rut?

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