Saturday, January 24, 2015

Haul Week: Walmart

This haul is just a couple of things but it's still worth sharing.  First, I needed a new clock for my makeup area.  My old one was cracked on a corner where I had dropped it and it also was not keeping time well.  Like it would lose five to ten minutes a week.  Not good when that's the clock I look at to get ready for work.  I found this Pink LCD Cube Alarm Clock at Walmart [exact] to replace my old one.  It also comes in blue, green, or purple and runs on 2 AA batteries so it's easy to replace if the time starts running slow.  I also picked up this Blistex Lip Vibrance.  It's like a slightly shimmery berry tinted lip balm that was only $2.44 for a two pack.  I had been looking for this everywhere and Walmart was the only place I found it.  Finally I got the Equate Beauty 2-in-1 Daily Facial Cloths, which I needed to stock up on.  These are way cheaper for more product than the Olay kind and they work just as well for me so when I'm at Walmart (which isn't all that often), I try to stock up.

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